Q: What is indianscriptures.com?
A: This site strives to produce the best possible transcriptions of public domain texts on the subject of Hindu / Vedic religion, scriptures, Indian culture, lifestyle, heritage and the esoteric of India and Hinduism. This site is open to all free of cost: it is accessible to anyone and does not advocate any particular point of view, person, organization or any religious / non religious school of thoughts from India or abroad.

Q: Who runs this website?
A: Ms. Vaishali K. Shah from Kenyainitiated, compiled and developed the website with the help of her team from India. Sheresearched various scriptures, studied in different authentic traditions and travelled across India to delve into the practical aspects of Hinduism. She also invited scholars from various institutions in India and abroad and requested them to contribute authenticated, time tested, scientifically proven and logical content to the site.

Q: Can I use stuff from this site?
A: Our content is highly researched and authenticated by eminent universities in India. Hence we don’t allow our users to copy anything from the site partly or fully or with any variation in presentation.

Q: Did you write all these scriptures and content?
A: The scriptures are digitized or copied as it is which is available in different parts of India. Other researched content is written or collected by Vaishali Shah and her team.

Q: Certain Scriptures aren’t at your site. Does that mean it is not a sacred text?
A: No. We are still in the process of digitizing scriptures; it is a mammoth work hence it is taking some time to bring everything on the site. Please feel free to suggest anything specific you want to our email [email protected]

Q: I want you to promote my guru.
A: We don’t promote any particular guru or sect but we have written about many gurus hailing from authentic traditions on the site, if your particular mentor or guru is not added, you may send us the content,if our editorial team feels it can fit into any of our existing categories, we will surely add them to the site.

Q: What are appropriate things to email Indian Scriptures about?
A: Please be considerate as we get a lot of email. Here are some examples:

Locations of typos, broken links, or bugs in scripts (be sure to specify the URL).
Suggestions for new public domain texts to post or topics to cover.
Factual errors on index pages.
General questions about the CD or DVD.
Technical support issues about the CD-ROM or DVD.
Questions about the status of an order or shipment for the CD or DVD and other sales related email.
Volunteering to scan or proof texts.
Licensing inquiries.
Requests to remove or alter a text if you own the copyright.
Suggestions to add any topic, scriptures, books, people are welcome
Questions already answered in this FAQ.
Questions about personal problems, spiritual advice, etc.
Requests to post copyrighted texts if you are not the copyright holder.
Requests to remove, censor or alter texts.
Requests for rights clearance of public domain material.
Questions about spiritual, esoteric, legal or medical issues of any kind.
Genealogical questions.
Requests to translate Latin, Sumerian, Sanskrit, etc.
Artifact, or jewelry appraisals.
Help with homework or research questions.
Theories of everything (unless you’re Stephen Hawking!).
Abusive email: rants, trolling, flaming, grieving, scams, etc.

Q: How can I volunteer to help build the site?
A: Email us on [email protected] or ‘E-Mail’ on this page, and we can go through the process.

Q: I have a text to submit to the site, what file format do you want?
A: you may submit the files in word doc or PDF files if you want to contribute something original and authenticated.

Q: I want to pay you a reasonable fee for commercial use of material from the site.
A: Not possible. But you may advertise with us in our advertising section to promote any eligible content or product of your company /organization.

Q: Who has funded the project?
A: The whole project is fully funded by Vaishali Shah and her family. However we have recently started allowing advertisements on the site to associate with various platforms and create more awareness. We are open to any association or financial collaboration if we find it useful in our goal of spreading the message of Indian culture worldwide.

A sincere request to all our readers

Kindly get in touch with the respective organizations/institutions directly for any specific queries.