According to Vinayaka Purana, Mahorkada Vinayagar was born as the son of Rishi Kashyapa and his consort Mata Adithi during the Treta Yuga. He was mainly born to kill the cruel demons, since they have got lot of boons from Lord Shiva, and they could not be defeated by anybody, except by Lord Ganesha. He destroyed Doomakethu, Sindhoorasura, Durmugan and many other demons, in order to protect the demi gods in the heaven, to protect the people in the earth and to maintain peace and prosperity in the entire universe.
During his avatar as Mahorkada, he performed childhood plays similar to Lord Krishna and he also performed many miracles, and used to steal and eat lot of Mothakams prepared by his mother Adhithi. Once while he was eating food at his father Kashyapa’s ashram along with Kasirajan, the then king of Kasi, apart from the regular food items, some more items were found in his plantain leaf. Kasirajan had enquired about it to Lord Mahorkada, and he replied that his great devotee Purushundi had offered some sweets and fruits to him at his ashram, and due to his sincere devotion, he had accepted his offering.
Once he has shown his full form (Viswaroopa Darshan) to Lord Indra, in order to destroy his ego. He also mingled with other ashram boys and used to play games with them in the streets. Mahorkada also used to frequently visit the houses of his neighbours and used to eat the food items in their house. Everyone in the region liked the divine boy Mahorkada, and they have forgotten their sorrows and lived peacefully by having the darshan of Lord Mahorkada.
Let us worship the great god Sri Mahorkada and be blessed.

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