We are the human beings born in this earth, and everyone is suffering from some kind of problems, and some may suffer from big problems, other may suffer from small problems. No human beings are entirely living happily in this world. Is there is any solution for that? Yes! Solution is there and it is within our reach only! But we are not realising the cause of problems and the reason for our sufferings, and we are scolding on god for our sufferings. Actually that is not the way for getting solution to our problems.
Daily we are spending lot of time on reading newspapers, unnecessary gossips and listening to music, dance, cinema and drama. But are we really pray to the god in a whole heartedly manner? And are we thanking him for living a peaceful life? Are we thanking him for having a good health and wealth? Are we doing it? No? Really we are not doing? We are praying just for name sake, and urgently hurrying up doing our duties, which we consider it as the main thing, rather than spending some time and patiently praying to the god. Then how we can get solutions for our problems?
Hence from today onwards, let us allocate some time for devoting to god, and doing puja and praising his glories and chanting the slokas and his various names. Apart from engaging in other activities like sports, entertainment and chatting with others, we can spend some time for thanking god, so that, very soon, we would experience a great change in our life, and we would become more peaceful than ever before. Devotion is not based on religion. People belonging to different religions, can worship their respective gods, and prayers only would make our life to prosper and so that we can get spiritual enlightenment in our life, and can attain SALVATION after our death.
Hence, let us worship the great almighty and be blessed.