Ma Avvaiyar who lived during 3rd century BC, is a famous female Tamil poet, and a staunch devotee of the Shiva Family, and she is said to have maintained good relationships with the ancient Tamil kings.

She has written some verses in poems like Natrinai, Kuruntokai, Akananuru and Purananuru. According to ancient texts, she was a court poet of the kings of the Tamil Nadu. She has travelled to several places and composed lot of songs. Most of her songs were in praise of the kings, and deities like Lord Vinayaka, Muruga and Shiva, and also well known for maintaining proper governance of the ancient Tamil Nadu.

Once she was tested by Lord Muruga, while she was on her way to visit the famous abodes of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga has appeared before her in the form of a shepherd boy, and asked her whether she require a fresh fruit or a boiled fruit! Ma Avvaiyar was amazed on hearing the words of the Shepherd boy, and immediately she came to know that the boy was none other than her sweet little Lord Muruga. Then immediately she began to sing a wonderful song (GNANAPALAM), in praise of Lord Muruga, and then beautiful words were freely flown from her mouth like the rainfall. The contents of the famous Tamil song “PALAMNIYAPPA GNANAPALAMNIYAPPA TAMIL GNANAPALAMNIYAPPA” are as follows:-

Oh My Dear Muruga, you are the divine fruit, you are the enlightenment fruit, you are the Tamil god, you contain ocean of knowledge, and you contain six heads and twelve eyes, and all of your eyes showers great mercy towards your devotees.

Oh My Dear Muruga, you contain iron like hands, and hence you are capable to easily defeat your enemies in the battle field. You are the slayer of the demon Surapadma, you have brought victory to the Devas, and you are supreme among all other gods. I worship you from all sides, I worship you as “BALAMURUGA”, I worship you as “SKANDA BHAGAVAN”, I worship you by considering you as your uncle Lord Vishnu, I worship you as the creator god Brahma, I worship you as the prestigious Lord Sri Indra Bhagavan, I worship you by considering you as your father, Lord Shiva, I worship you as the head of the Shiva Ganas, I worship you always, and I keep glorifying you, honouring you, admiring you, appreciating you and adorning you like my child.

Oh My Dear Muruga, you have
been brought up by the beautiful star goddesses who are also known as “KARTHIGAI PENGAL”, your beauty is amazing, you look like the fully blossomed lotus flower, your smile melt our hears, your eye balls contain the sun and moon and you are the kind god “SIVAKUMARA”.

Oh My Dear Muruga, There is a place for you to live in Mount Kailash, there is a place for you to live in the hearts of your devotees, there is a wonderful place for you to dwell in your temples, you contain temple even in the Indra Loka and you have been worshipped even by the supreme gods like Vishnu, Brahma and Indra.

Oh My Dear Muruga, you are also known as Skanda. You are the one, who has got good intelligence, ability and wisdom, and you are the beloved son of Shiva-Parvati, you are a playful boy, since, once you have behaved like a child, dressed yourself like a sage, and went to the Palani Hills by wearing a small Kaupinam, Oh! The great “PALANI ANDAVA”, you are my lovely AruMuruga, the god of six abodes, the Lord of Skanda Loka, the God of Siddhar Saints and the Guru of Lord Shiva (SRI SHIVA GURUNATHAR).

Oh My Dear Muruga, I praise and praise and there is no other words to praise you. You are the Lord of the 14 worlds, you are the Lord of the Kings, you are the Lord of the demi gods, you are the Lord of the oceans, and among the birds, you are the beautiful peacock, among the weapons, you are the powerful weapon, “SPEAR”(VEL), among the gods, you are Lord Shiva, among the sages, you are Rishi Agastiya, among the saints, you are the great Arunagirinathar, among the Bhagavathas, you are the wonderful Prahalada, among the stars, you are the holy Dhruva Star, and I shall say that you are the Lord of everything, and hence you are known as “SRI AKILANDAKOTI  BRAHMANDA MAHARAJA”, the Lord of the entire Universe.

Oh My Dear Muruga, let the powers of Lord Muruga cleanse our sins and diseases, let Lord Muruga protects our Mouth, Let Lord Subramanya dwell on our souls, let the six faces of Lord Muruga protects our face, let Lord Thandapani protects our tongue, let the twelve hands of Lord Muruga protects our hands, let Lord Saravana protects our stomach, let Lord Swaminathan protects our nails, let our entire body be protected by our divine bodyguard Lord Sri Muruga Bhagavan.