BAGALAMUKHI DEVI“Bagalamukhi” Devi is one of the mahavidyas, and she clears the confusion in the minds of her devotees and gives great spiritual power. The Devi has 108 names and she is generally known as Pitambari Mata and worshipped by the people in North India, and the goddess complexion is golden colour. Her vehicle is Bagula bird, a kind of divine bird, similar to that of Lord Garuda. Hence she is called as Bagalamukhi Devi.

Temples dedicated to Bagalamukhi are located at Assam, Karnataka, Madhya pradesh, Himachal Pradesh, Kanchipuram district, Tirunelveli district of Tamil nadu and also in Nepal.

She is also called as “Kalyani”. And she contains the features of Devi Durga. Worshipping Bagalamukhi Devi and Durga Devi will yield better results in our life. We can perform pujas to Mata Bagalamukhi Devi, by placing her picture in our puja room, and can offer fruits, flowers and coconuts and chant her various names and recite her mantras. Performing pujas on Tuesdays and Fridays will bring good fortunes in our life. Several people have experienced very good results in their life after performing pujas to Mata Bagalamukhi Devi. She has the power to extract all the negative thoughts in our mind, and will fill up with good spiritual thoughts in our mind. By sincerely praying to her, our mind will get refreshed and we will feel like as if we are living in the divine world. We should trust on her with utmost faith and devotion in our mind.

In the First yuga, also called as Krita Yuga or Satya Yuga, a great storm was formed and destroyed the universe. The Divine gods meditated Mata Durga on the banks of Haridra Sarovar. Pleased with the prayers of the divine gods, Mata Durga appeared in front of them and through her powers she created Bagalamukhi. Bagalamukhi pacified the storm, and thus making the normal functioning of the universe.

Once, Mata Bagalamukhi, killed a powerful demon. Being dying, the demon prayed to the goddess that he has to be worshipped by the people along with her. And the goddess Bagalamukhi granted the boon to him. Bagalamukhi is worshipped for giving peace of mind and for providing all sorts of prosperity in our life. She removes the black magic, and gives more strength, courage and boldness in our life. She will come with us in our daily life and will guide us in all aspects of our life.

By regularly reciting ‘Bagalamukhi stotram’, our anger will be removed. And our enemy will become our friend, a poor person will become a rich person, various health related problems will be recovered and sins committed in previous births will be removed and we will get good results in our life.

Let us worship the great divine mother and be blessed.