Goddess Bhadra is considered as the goddess of the hunt. She got married with Lord Kubera and become his queen. Her children are Nalakuvara and Manibhadra. She is also the daughter of Lord Suryadev and Goddess Chaya Mata and the sister of Shani  Bhagwan. It is believed that she had consumed the Blue Alakala poison, the poison which was formed during the churning of the divine ocean. The poison was permanently stored in the throat of Lord Shiva, and some portion of the poison was consumed by Bhadra Devi in order to safeguard the entire UNIVERSE from destruction. She contains the features of Mata Parvati Devi and contains her supreme powers. In ancient times, it is believed that, hunters would worship her before going for hunting. She is worshipped as a mother goddess and gives good fortunes to us. She acts as a guardian to us and will come with us in our every walk of life. She is a great goddess who has to be worshipped by us in order to reduce our bad karmic deeds.


Being the daughter of Lord Surya Dev and sister of Shani Dev, she contains great super natural powers. Being the consort of Lord Kubera, by worshipping Mata Bhadra Devi, we will get all the riches in our life, and we will get the blessings of Lord Surya and Shani Dev. Since she had consumed the terrible poison, she will remove all the poisonous things stored in our mind and in our body and will make us to get relaxed and feel active.

Though there are no specific temples dedicated to her, by worshipping Lord Shani dev, Lord Surya, Lord Kubera and Mata Parvati itself, we can get the blessings of Mata Bhadra. We can worship her by placing her framed picture in our home and can do puja in our home. We can recite the stotra “OM SREE BHADRAYA NAMAHA”. We can decorate her picture with flowers garlands, and offer fruits and food items (Black pulses) as naivedyam to her.

We will get boldness, wisdom, courage, enthusiasm and good knowledge from her grace. It is better to chant her mantra on a daily basis and to worship her with sincere devotion in our mind.

Let us worship Mata Bhadra Devi and be blessed.