Bhramari is an incarnation of Mata Parvati. Bhramari is known as the Goddess of bees. She is mentioned in the Devi Mahatmya. The Devi Bhagavata Purana mentions her greatness shown to the living beings of the entire universe and describes her supreme powers.

Once there lived a powerful demon known as Arunasura. He didn’t like gods and goddesses and wants to drive them out from their respective worlds. He went to Himalayas and performed a great penance on Lord Brahma. Due to his severe penance, Lord Brahma gave him the boon of protection from all the living beings in the earth and in the heaven. Due to his great boon, he has become very pride and went to the Heavens to conquer the Swarka Loka. The demon captured the swarka loka and also other divine worlds. After the great prayers of the divine devas, sages and holy people in the earth, Mata Parvati incarnated as Bhramari and fought with the demon for several days and finally killed him and protected the entire universe.


  1. Shri Bhramari Sakti Peeth, Trishrota, West Bengal.
  2. Bhramari Devi Temple, Jalpaiguri, West Bengal.
  3. Bhramari Mata Mandir, Nashik, Maharashtra.


Mata Bhramari is mainly worshipped for preventing us from attack from bees. She also cures all types of dreaded diseases and will cool our mind by giving her spiritual touch and make us to turn into a holy person. All of our unwanted and bad thoughts would be removed from our mind, and our mind will concentrate only on devotional and useful matters. Being the divine mother, she is always waiting for our call, and readily responds to our prayers, and attends to us instantly. But only thing that we must observe is to worship her with pure devotion in our mind.

Whatever problems we face, we should not get collapsed by that. We have to patiently handle the problems and worship the holy mother and put our burdens on her. In course of time, our sufferings would be gradually reduced through the grace of Ma Bhramari. We can worship her in her temples or worship her by placing her picture in our home and decorate it with flowers and offer fruits and food items as holy Prasad, and can distribute it to the devotees. We can also chant her mantras and various names as a part of the puja.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.