Harsidhhi is a famous goddess mostly worshipped in Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Maharashtra. She is the incarnation of the divine mother Mata Parvati. She is also known as Harsidh Bhavani Devi.

She is worshiped as Kula devi by Brahmin, Jain and other community people in the northern states of India. She is also sincerely worshiped by fishermen of Gujarat, since she is considered as the guardian of ships while travelling in the sea.

Harshidhhi Mata Temple is located at Gandhvi village, near Dwarka. It is believed that Lord Krishna had worshiped Mata Harsidhhi and attained great powers. The original temple was constructed by Lord Krishna. Krishna prayed to Mata Harsidhhi and defeated the demons. After he won in the battle with the demons, he constructed the temple. She is also considered as the kula devi of the Yadavas.

According to legend, once, a sea traveller Jagadu prayed to Mata Harsidhhi to save his ship from storm. And as per the wish of the goddess, he sacrificed buffaloes and finally was willing to sacrifice his own life along with his family. Due to his sincere devotion, Mata Harsidhhi appeared before him and granted the boon of safeguarding his ship from floods and storm and also given him sufficient wealth and all prosperities in his life.

There is another popular temple located at Ujjain, which was built by the great Kali devotee King Vikramaditya. Her other temples are located in Rajpipla, Ladol, Palaj, Indore, Dwaraka and Kutch.


She protects the travellers of ships and safeguards them from sea creatures, winds and storm. She also protects them in case of breakage of ships. She is the holy mother, who cannot be ignored not only while travelling through ships, but also in our daily life journey, whether it may be at our office, home or any-where else. Even for moving a single step forward, we need her help. Without the help of the divine mother, Harsidhhi, we cannot do anything. Hence let us worship her with full of devotion in our mind and be blessed.