Kali also called as Kali Devi is one among the Mahavidyas, and considered as a great goddess in Hinduism. She is worshipped for getting relieved from black magic and prolonged illness and to get great spiritual power, and to obtain more mental and physical strength. Kali was appeared in order to destroy the evil forces. She is the incarnation of Shakti, and worshipped widely in Saivism sect.  She is a great protector and offers moksha to us.

She is also called as Bhadra Kali, and his consort is Lord Veerabhadra, an avatar of Lord Shiva, and created by Lord Shiva, in order to destroy the yagna of Lord Daksha. She is referred in ancient hindu texts and puranas, and was mentioned about her importance. Her glory is mentioned in the sacred text Devi Mahatmyam.  She also destroyed the demons Madhu, Kaitapa, Chanda, Munda, Raktabija and several other demons.

It is also believed that once, some thieves brought the great “JADABHARATA” to sacrifice him to Kali, since the saint Jadabharata was one of the brahma’s foremost sons, a huge spark appeared from his body and burnt the idol of Kali, and she immediately appeared from the idol and killed the thieves and blessed “JADABHARATA”.

She also appears in Mahakali form, and she is worshipped in the temple of Ujjain city. She was also worshipped by the great king “VIKRAMADITYA” who was the ruler of UJJAIN during that time. She also blessed Kalidasa and safeguarded him throughout in his life.  Her appearance is described as black in colour and looks very beautiful and always shows kindness to her sincere devotees and destroys the evil ones. She is considered as the Mother of the entire Universe.

Saint Ramakrishna was an ardent devotee of Mata Kali Devi and worshipped her at Dakshineswar Mata Kali Temple, Kolkata, and he attained SALVATION through her grace. Many saints and devotees were worshipped and blessed and got salvation through her. She showers her grace on us, if we sincerely worship her with pure devotion in our mind. She gives her helping hands to us, in case of troubled situations. She also is worshipped to remove the evil spirits from our place, and to get rid from several doshams occurred due to our planetary positions.


By seeing her terrible or fierce form, there is no need to get afraid of her. After all, she is our holy mother, who always act kindly to us, even if we commit any mistakes or hates her. She took the avatar only for the sake of protecting the weak persons from the bad and wicked persons. She always comes with us in our every walk of life, and safeguards us in our every moment of life.

We can worship her by going to her temples, as well as place a picture of her in our puja room and worship pleasantly. We can decorate her with flowers and offer fruits and food items as Holy Prasad to her. We can chant her shlokas and recite her various names, and can do puja to her in the temples and in our home. Whatever we does, we should do it with sincere faith on her, and no doubt should arise in our mind, while worshipping her. At the right time, our favours will get answered by her and she gives all sorts of goodness and peacefulness in our life.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.