KAMALATMIKA DEVIKamalatmika Devi is one among the Mahavidyas and showers her grace towards her sincere devotees.  She is a divine form of Mata Parvati. And we can please Lord Shukra, by worshipping her.

Kamalatmika’s complexion is golden colour. She has four hands. She holds lotus flower in her two hands, and in one hand she holds a golden pot, and in another hand she blesses us.

Goddess Parvati after creating the entire universe, created Goddess Kamala in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the world. She gives all sorts of prosperity and gives us good health, and also offers sufficient wealth to us. Since she holds lotus flower in her hands, she is called as “KAMALATMIKA”.

Only few temples are dedicated to her. They are as follows:

  1. Chikkaladinni

Temple is located in a small village in Belgaum district of Karnataka.

  1. Dandi Pada

Temple is located in a small village in the Thane District of Maharashtra.

  1. Thiruvarur

Temple is located in a village in Thiruvarur.

  1. Challamambapuram

Temple is located in a small village in Chittoor district of Andhra Pradesh.




Since her appearance looks like that of goddess Lakshmi, she is considered as the goddess of wealth. By worshipping her with sincere devotion, we can get better prospects in our life. There are various slokas meant for her. If we recite these slokas, while performing puja to her, we will get mental satisfaction, along with good physique. We will get good resistance power and will be free from diseases. Lot of spiritual energy will be invoked into our body, and we will get calmness in our mind, and realize the positive vibration in our life.

If possible, it is better to visit her temples, as mentioned above and worship her by performing various pujas and abhishekhams to her. Or otherwise, we can place a picture of her and worship conveniently in our puja room. Her picture must be decorated with flower garlands, lotus flowers, fruits and coconuts must be offered to her.

We can also go to Lakshmi temples, and recite the names of Kamalatmika Devi, since both them appears in similar form. She also gives us pleasantness and happiness in our life, and makes us to do good karmic deeds in our life. She is the great goddess who protects us in this KALIYUGA and also safeguards us from the eyes of KALI PURUSHA, and avoids the happening of bad incidents in our life, and makes us to live easier and comfortable in this today’s difficult fast changing world.

Let us worship the great divine mother and be blessed.