MAHESHWARIMaheshwari is the consort of Lord Shiva and contains the power equivalent to that of Lord Shiva. And she is none other than our Mata Parvati Devi. Maheshwari is also known by the names Raudri, Shankari and Maheshi. Maheshwari’s Vehicle is the holy bull, Lord Nandi Bhagavan and also the divine lion, and contains golden coloured body with glittering face, contains weapons in her hands, and in her right hand she blesses us. She is worshipped by the people of odisha and throughout india.

Mata Parvati took the avatar of Maheshwari in order to safeguard the demi gods in the heaven and the people in the earth from the demons, and to restore peace in the world. She is also praised by the divine demi gods in the heaven and by the sages, saints and devotees. And her greatness and kindness cannot be narrated in full. She is such a loving and a caring mother of the devotees.

The famous Mata Maheshwari temple is located in western Odisha. Maa Maheshwari appears in the form of Mata Durga and she is the main goddess of the people of Odisha. Temples dedicated to Maheshwari are situated throughout Odisha, and she is specially worshipped by the people of Odisha.


Mata Maheshwari gives good fortunes in our life, and lifts us up in the spiritual ladder. She cannot be ignored in our every moment of life, and comes with us in our daily life. Without the help of the divine mother Maheswari, we cannot live in this world. She reduces our bad karmas, and invokes us in the bhakti path and increases our good karmas, and makes us to live a proper life. She injects the spiritual blood in our body, and helps us to lead a disease free and a tension free life. She is having the power to change our bad fate into good fate also. Hence let us sincerely worship the divine mother and keep her thoughts in our mind and recite her slokas, names and sing her songs and joyfully live in this world for 100 years.

Let us worship the great divine and holy mother and be blessed.