Lord Saneeswara



Lord Saneeswara is the god of justice, and he is the son of Lord Surya and Mata Chaya Devi. The powers of Lord Saneeswara are unlimited. He is the brother of Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja, and both of them are living their life as per the path of Dharma. When we refer to Puranas, we cannot find any fault with both Lord Saneeswara and Yama. Even both them possess great powers, they would never cause any harm to the mortals as well as to the immortals.

In TV Channels also, the life history and the miracles performed by Lord Shani Dev was telecasted. Among the various temples of Lord Shani Dev, Shani Shingnapur Temple, and Thirunallar Shani Bhagavan temple are considered as very famous, and visiting these temples, would bring good fortunes in the life of the devotees.

Our each and every activity is being carefully watched by Shani Bhagavan, and based on that, we are suffering from sorrows, as well as enjoying in our life. We have to increase our good karma, in order to get happiness in our life. One of the methods of increasing our good karma is to deeply involve ourselves in meditating on Lord Saneeswara, performing Shani puja during Saturdays in our puja room, by decorating Lord Shani Bhagavan’s picture, and adorning flowers to him. Holy Prasad like dish made out of black pulses, black sesame seeds and jiggery, must be distributed amongst the participants of the puja after the completion of the puja.

We can gain lot of benefits by worshipping the great Lord Saneeswara like relief from our various diseases and unknown fears, tensions, enemy related problems and mind related problems etc. Lot of devotees had been gained a lot by worshipping Lord Saneeswara. He would reduce the severity of our bad karma, and make us to breathe properly in our life. He would also remove the suicidal thoughts from our mind, and would give a long life through his blessings.

We can regularly worship the Navagraha shrines in the Shiva Temples, and chant the Shani mantra to get all sorts of prosperities in our life.

Lord Saneeswara cannot be ignored in our daily life, since he is rewarding or punishing us, by keenly watching us in our each and every moment.

Hence let us worship Lord Saneeswara Bhagavan and be blessed.