Aravan is a noble character from Mahabharata. He is the son of Arjuna and the Naga princess Ulupi. Aravan is the deity and worshipped in the Kuthandavar Temple. He is also worshipped as a village deity and he is the main god for the transgender communities.

The Mahabharata mentions the greatness of Aravan towards self-sacrificing his life. Aravan had done self-sacrifice before Goddess Kali for the victory of the Pandavas. It is also mentioned in ancient texts, that Aravan was killed by Alambusha, one of the kaurava warrior by cutting off Aravan’s head in the kurukshetra war.

As per Aravan’s wish,
Sri Krishna takes the form of Mohini and marries Aravan. He also has got the boon from Lord Krishna, to witness the kurukshetra war from his severed head. This marriage festival is celebrated as the Transgender Festival at Koovagam village in Tamil Nadu. Aravan is also worshipped in this temple as Koothandavara.

In Koovagam, Tamil Nadu, an 18-day festival is celebrated every year. Lot of Aravanis from tamil nadu and even from other states of india would participate in the festival. This festival is usually observed on Tuesday before Chitirai pournami of every year.

Aravan is also popularly worshipped in Indonesia. He is called as Aravan, since he is the son of Ulupi, a naga princess.

Aravan is worshipped in the temples with his severed head, in order to mark his great sacrifice, which cannot be imagined in this today’s tough world.

Most of the Kuttantavar devotees reside in the Tamil Nadu districts of Cuddalore, Thiruvannamalai, Vellore and Villupuram.


A great warrior, who has lost his life for the victory of the pandavas, cannot be forgotten by the people. Since he has willingly sacrificed his own life, his name and fame was spread across the country, even after several thousands of years. As per puranic reference, it is believed that he would have sacrificed his life before 5000 plus years. He is considered as the guardian and the protector for the aravanis and they worship him with much faith and devotion in their mind. He has got great powers through the blessings of Lord Krishna and is the BEST SAVIOUR for the ARAVANIS.

Let us worship the great ARAVAN and be blessed.