Anantasayana Moorthy




Anantasayana Moorthy is a form of Lord Vishnu, who is seen in the form of sleeping posture in his divine Serpent bed in the Divine Ocean, Parkadal, in his abode Vaikunta. Though he appears in the form of sleeping posture, but actually he is doing intense meditation for the sake of the universal goodness. This form of Vishnu is being worshipped in the Anandapadmanatha Swamy Temples and in the Srirangam Temple.

As per ancient legend, before the start of the creation work, the entire universe was covered with full of darkness, and no one was there, and the situation was prevailed for several lakhs of years. Suddenly a bright light with full of radiance was emerged from the centre of the universe, and the light was in the form of Lord Vishnu. In order to generate more powers, Lord Vishnu began to perform Yoga Nidra (Meditation sleep). Due to that, from his body Lord Brahma had emerged, and after getting the blessings of Lord Vishnu, he began to start doing creation work, and he created the earth and all other upper and the lower divine worlds, and he also created the living beings to live in those places.

Since Lord Vishnu had taken this form before several millions of years, this form is considered as the best one. Lord Anantasayana is worshipped for getting good health, wealth and to attain mental peace of mind. Those who suffer from severe Naga Dosham are suggested to worship Lord Anantasayana in the temples meant for him.

As per ancient legend, once a king who ruled the present day Thoothukudi, was bitten by a poisonous snake. Even after undergoing various treatments, his health condition didn’t improve. During the night, in his dream, Lord Vishnu had appeared in the form of “ANANTASAYANA”, and he had gently rubbed his body through his lotus hands, and asked him to build a temple for him in his region. Due to that, the king was completely relieved from the snake poison, and he has become healthier.

The next day morning after getting up from the bed the king was very eager to know about the place, where he is supposed to build the temple. While he was walking nearby his palace, a big cobra appeared in front of him, and it made him to follow it. It reached a particular spot and disappeared from that place. The king was very happy, and after a few years, a nice temple for Lord Anantasayana Moorthy was constructed at the particular spot where the snake was disappeared, and the temple is also known as Sri Vaikundapathi Perumal Temple, and it is situated in the present day Thoothukudi. 

Let us once visit this wonderful temple at least once in our life time and be blessed.