Chamundi also called as Chamundeshwari and Kali is our Divine Mother Durga and contains great powers. Since she destroyed the two demons, Chanda and Munda, she was called as Chamundi. And since she destroyed the demon Mahishasuran, she is also called as “MAHISHASURAMARTHINI”.
She is also one of the Yoginis, and she is worshipped all over india. Her greatness is mentioned in Jain texts also.
She is also called by various other names like
1. Rudira Kali
2. Chanda Kali
3. Rudira Mala devi
4. Rudiramma
5. Rudireshwari
6. Rakteshwari
7. Rakta Chamundi
8. Vir Kali
9. Porkali

She is popularly worshipped in Nepal and india and she is considered as the goddess of war, and she gives braveness, wisdom, courage, knowledge, energy and mental satisfaction. She is also worshipped by the people for getting relieved from their sins, diseases, past birth’s curse and also from various doshams.
According to divine texts, Chamundi was created from Durga and was allocated the task of destroying the demons Chanda and Munda. She fought with the demons, and killed them.
Many Hindu and the Jain community people worship her as their Kuladeivam(Family Deity).

1. Chamundi Temple in Thrissur, Kerala.
2. Chamundi Temple in Kangra district of Himachal Pradesh.
3. Chamundi Nandikeshwar Dham, in Himachal Pradesh.
4. Chamundi shrines in Gujarat.
5. Chamundi temples in Odisha.
6. Chamundeshwari Temple on Chamundi Hill, Mysore.
7. The Chamundi temple in Jodhpur.
8. Chamundeshwari Temple in Medak District in Telangana State.

Among the temples dedicated to Mata Chamundeswari, temple in mysore is the most famous one. Daily free meals are provided to the devotees by the temple management. During Navaratri festival time, lot of devotees will visit this temple and do puja and abhishekams to the holy goddess. The goddess will be decorated with flower garlands and various offerings will be placed before the deity, these include fruits, flowers and various other items.
By worshipping her, we will get more courage and the ability to withstand any problems. She is the great goddess and protects us in this “KALIYUGA” and avoids us to commit sins and make us to do good karmic deeds. She also will increase our physical and mental energy and gives us spiritual power.

Let us worship the divine and holy mother and be blessed.