Life History Of Lord Krishna




Lord Krishna, who is the great avatar of Lord Vishnu, is worshipped as the supreme deity by his devotees, throughout the world. Lord Krishna was born in the present day Mathura at Uttar Pradesh on 3,228 BC, and he lived a life span for about 125 years. After the end of his avatar, Dwapara Yuga ends and Kali Yuga starts. When he left from the earth, people began to suffer from the clutches of Kali Purusha. But even then, those who sincerely worship Lord Krishna from their place itself would be blessed by the holy god, and the severity of our problems would be reduced, and Kalipurusha cannot easily approach us, and he would never cause harm to the devotees of Lord Krishna.


Lord Krishna was born in Mathura in the prison cell to Ma Devaki and Vasudeva, and due to the divine instructions, he was shifted to Gokulam by his father Vasudeva, to the palace of Ma Yashoda and Nandagopa, which is situated in the present day Uttar Pradesh. He spent his childhood days in Gokulam, and at the age of 9, he moved to Vrindavan, and there he had done lot of playful and mischievous activities and stolen the hearts of his parents and the cowherds. He also maintained friendly relationship between the Gopikas, who are the female cowherds, and through the divine music played from his flute, he mesmerised them and they followed him like his child.

In course of time, Krishna killed the wicked Demon Kamsa, and relieved his parents from the prison, and he also killed lot of demons and maintained peace in the Mathura Kingdom, and made his grandfather Ugrasena as the king of Mathura. At his teenage, Lord Krishna and his brother Balarama had joined with their biological parents Devaki and Vasudeva, and made them to feel happier. After spending with them for a few years, both of them went to Gurukulam and learnt Vedic subjects under Sage Sandipani, and they were mastered in all the relevant subjects. The Ashram of Sandipani is situated in the present day Ujjain city at Madhya Pradesh.

Later Lord Krishna had established a kingdom for himself in the Dwaraka, which was surrounded by the seas, with the help of the Divine Architect, Viswakarma, and during his period, he gave a golden rule to his people similar to Lord Rama.

Lord Krishna was a relative to the Pandavas, and he was the close friend to Arjuna. The Pandavas had lost their Hastinapur Kingdom due to their failure in the dice game, which was conducted by his cousin Duryodana, and his uncle Saguni. The Pandavas were subjected to exile and they left their kingdom and went to the forest, and stayed there for twelve years along with their consort Ma Draupati. Lord Krishna frequently visited their place, and consoled them. Finally after the completion of their exile term, Kurukshetra battle was taken place, and Lord Krishna had served as a charioteer to Arjuna and made him to win in the battle. During the time of the war, Lord Krishna had given his wonderful teachings in the form of Bhagavat Gita, which acts as a holy spiritual guide for the Hindus. After the completion of the war, Lord Krishna went to his Dwaraka Kingdom, successfully ruled over for 36 years, and after the completion of his avatar, he went to the abode of Lord Vishnu, the Vaikunta. After the departure of Lord Krishna from the Dwaraka, the entire Dwaraka city was submerged into the ocean.

Janmashtami festival

The birth anniversary of Lord Krishna is being grandly celebrated by the Hindus all over India as Sri Krishna Janmashtami, with great devotion and joyfulness in India. Today (30.08.2021) is the Krishna Jayanti festival, and hence, let us celebrate this auspicious day in a grand manner, by preparing Lord Krishna’s favourite food items like Cheedai, Murukku and Adirasam, using good butter, and let us patiently wait for him at our homes, in order to offer it to the sweet child, Lord Krishna.




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