Bahuchara Mata

Bahuchara Mata is a Hindu goddess of fertility and considered as the incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi. She is mainly worshipped by the issueless couples and transgender people of north india. Her main temple is located in Gujarat, India.
Bahuchara Mata is shown as a beautiful goddess with four hands. Her vehicle is a rooster.
Bahuchara Devi Temple is located in Gujarat, India. The original shrine was built in 1152 AD.
Various kings have under taken the task of construction and renovation of the temple with beautiful stone carvings and wall paintings. It is a very famous temple in Gujarat, and people from all parts of india are visiting this temple throughout the year, especially during Navaratri festival days.
Bahuchara Mata is important in blessing the childless couple and giving them children. People who don’t have child, have to visit this temple, and to do the puja and perform various abhishekhams to the goddess in order to satisfy her, and to wash out their sins.
Transgenders from all parts of india, are also visiting this temple, in order to get rid of their past karmic deeds, and to gain prosperity and peacefulness in their life. Special pujas are performed during the navaratri festival, and devi will be decorated with flower garlands.
She removes the sins of her devotees, and cures several diseases and gives mental relaxation. By chanting her names and by reciting the slokas meant for her, will definitely yield good results in our life. Mata Parvati had incarnated as Bauhuchara Mata in order to safeguard us from all kinds of problems, from evil spirits and removes black magic and comes with us in every walk of our life. The only thing she expects is the true bhakti from us.

Let us praise her glory and worship the holy goddess and be blessed.