Nava Veeras are the nine great soldiers and the brave divine attendants of Lord Muruga. They were born from Nava Shakthis, who were born out of the powers of Mata Parvati. They are also considered as an incarnation of Mata Parvati.

The sons of Navashakthis are known as Nava Veerar’s. The Nava veeras are:

  1. Veerabahu Thevar is the army chief of Lord Muruga and helped Muruga during his fight with Surapadhman and his brothers.
    2. Veera Kesari is a courageous person and roars like a lion during the time of the war with devas and aruras, and is a great divine helper of Lord Muruga.
  2. Veera Mahendra is a powerful person, who strictly obeys his master muruga’s instructions, and helped Lord Indra during his fight with the demons, and he contains powers similar to Lord Indra.
  3. Veera Maheswara is a great warrior and contains the powers of Lord Shiva and Shakti and waits for his master’s instructions, and carries his task with much ease and destroys the forces of the enemies.
  4. Veera Purandhara is the destroyer of the places of enemies, and gives great victory to the demi gods during their fight with the demons.
  5. Veera Rakkadha is a humble servant of Lord Muruga and helped him during the battle of devas and asuras, and also protected the demi gods from the demons.
  6. Veera Marthanda is another warrior and divine servant of Lord Muruga, who is capable of defeating the enemy forces within a few seconds of time.
  7. Veera Anthaka is a most confidential and a loyal servant of Lord Muruga, who always used to praise the glory of the lord by chanting his various names, and will immediately follow the instructions given by Lord Muruga.
  8. Veeradheera is a great warrior who had made a major contribution in the battle between muruga and surapadhma and destroyed the army forces of Surapadhma.


By reciting the names, and studying the details of the Nava Veeras of Lord Muruga, we will get boldness, wisdom and courage and can get great mental and spiritual energy. Since they contain great divine powers, we can worship by chanting their names and our prayers will be fulfilled through their grace. They also have got the powers to pass on our prayers to Lord Muruga and to find a remedial solution for us.

Let us worship the divine army of Lord Muruga and be blessed.