Prahalada Anugraha Murthy




Prahalada Anugraha Murthy is a form of Lord Narasimha, an avatar of Lord Vishnu, and in this form, his staunch devotee Prahalada can be seen seated on his lap, and he was embraced and hugged by Lord Narasimha, and only in this form, we can see the smiling face of Lord Narasimha. Since the great Prahalada showed his utmost devotion on Lord Vishnu, in order to protect him, Lord Vishnu took the Narasimha avatar, and he emerged from the pillar, and killed Demon Hiranyakasipu with his sharp nails.

Even after killing the powerful demon Hiranyakasipu, Lord Narasimha was unable to control his anger, and hence as per the request of the Devas, without having any fear, Prahalada went straight and stood in front of Lord Narasimha, and worshipped him by chanting his divine mantras. Lord Narasimha was very much pleased with the act of Prahalada, and hence he has taken the form of “PRAHALADA ANUGRAHA MURTHY”. Lord Narasimha had taken this form, after he kills Demon Hiranyakasipu who was the father of Prahalada. Those who worship Lord Narasimha in this form would get relieved from their physical and mental pain, and they would be permanently protected and blessed by the great Lord Narasimha.

There is an ancient and a wonderful temple dedicated for Prahalada Anugraha Murthy also called as Prahlada Varada Narasimha Temple, and it is situated in the lower Ahobilam of Kurnool District, Andhra Pradesh. In this temple, Lord Narasimha is seen in the form of blessing posture, where he blesses Prahalada by showering his full grace on him. This temple is famous for ancient paintings and marvellous sculptures. Ancient Alvar Saints have gloried Lord Narasimha in this temple, and they have sung lot of songs in praise of him.

Apart from the main shrine, shrines for Ma Lakshmi, Lord Venkateswara, Andal and Alvars can also be found in this temple. Beautiful Utsava idols of Prahlada Varada, Pavana Narasimha and Jwala Narasimha can be seen along with his consorts Ma Sreedevi and Bhoodevi on his both sides. This is a big temple, and we can see lot of Mandapams which is situated in the outside of the temple, and these Mandapams would look very attractive fitted with decorative lights during the times of festival occasions. The annual Brahmotsavam festival is celebrated in this temple in a grand manner during the month of February.