Bhairavi is a Hindu goddess and is one among the Mahavidyas. She is the consort of the shiva avatar Kala Bhairava.

Bhairavi appears to be in fierce form and also called as Tripurabhairavi. She contains four hands and blesses us in her right hand. She is the protector of the entire universe and safeguards us from all sorts of natural calamities, evil forces and from our enemies.

By reciting the shloka meant for her, we can get rid of all the evil effects and also will realize more energy in our mind and body. We will also get spiritual energy by continuously worshipping her and chanting her various names. Mainly she removes the fear from our minds during the time of our death, and will help us to move towards the spiritual path during our life. She wears red garments and we can offer red saree to her deity in the temples meant for her.

Tripura Sundari and Tripura Bhairavi are closely related with each other, and give us better prospects in our life by worshipping them. Bhairavi is none other than our Mata Parvati, and she loves her children and guides them in all walks of their life. The only thing is that, we must sincerely worship her with utmost faith and devotion in our mind.


Bhairavi controls the bad changes taking place in our life. And though she doesn’t change our fate, but she makes ourselves to adjust to live in this KALIYUGA, by giving more courage and confidence in our mind. She also will reduce the level of our sufferings, and remove our sins. She is the affectionate mother for us, and will try to reduce our problems, and make us to concentrate ourselves on good activities. Being the consort of Kalabhairava, by worshipping Kalabhairava in the shiva temples, she will become happy and will give us a happy and a prosperous life. She also relieves us from several dreaded diseases and gives more strength to our mind and to our body.

Bhairavi temple in Brahmapur, Siddha Bhairavi temple in odhisha, Linga Bhairavi temple in salem are the famous temples dedicated to the goddess Bhairavi.

By donating food, clothes, educating the poor children and providing shelter to the poor, will immensely satisfy her, and showers her grace on us.   She can be worshipped by visiting her temples, or otherwise we can worship her with her laminated or framed photo in our puja room, and can offer flowers and fruits and can prepare some sundal (CHICKPEAS) and offer her as naivedyam (Holy Prasad – Food offering), and after the puja, we can distribute the Prasad to the people. It is advisable to chant the shiva panchakshara mantra “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” and to chant “OM MAA TRIPURA BHARAVI DEVIYE NAMAHA” on a daily basis.

Let us pray to the divine holy mother and be blessed.