Devi Mayamma


Devi Mayamma(20th century) was a pious woman who lived in Kanyakumari. She appears like a beggar woman and she was surrounded by dogs. She lived in the streets of Kanyakumari without fearing about anyone. Whatever food is offered to her, she used to consume it and lived in a peaceful manner, which a normal woman cannot do like that. She is considered as an incarnation of Mata Adiparasakthi, and always used to smile cheerfully and greet the people.
She maintained silence throughout her life, though she was able to speak. It is believed that she was born in this earth to safeguard the people from sinful activities and from evil forces.

It is believed that she was an Assamese woman.
Nobody knows her background, and she has not disclosed about herself to anyone. She is a divine woman who blesses the people, when they bow their heads before her. Once she healed a wounded dog by gently touching it in her hands.
Due to that, people in that area were realized her greatness and began to worship her like the divine mother Parvati Devi.

Sadguru Sri Gnananandagiri Swamigal has established an Ashram near Tirukkoilur. He sent his devotee and asked him to take care of her. The devotee Sri Rajamanickam immediately went to Kanyakumari and built a small house for her in Kanyakumari.

Rajamanickam has also started “Mayamma Samajam” in the year 1978 at Kanyakumari, in order to spread the importance of Devi Mayamma.
After staying in the house for several years, Mayamma undertook a long pilgrimage and visited many holy temples and finally she went to Salem and gave dharshan to the devotees. She died in the year 1992, and a Samadhi Shrine was constructed to her at Salem.

Poojas, Prayers and Religious discourses are the daily activities of Mayamma Samajam. Festival days are grandly celebrated at Samajam, and during all the main festival days, all the devotees and the poor people are fed.
By visiting to Mayamma Samajam, we would get the eternal bliss of the divine mother and can attain great happiness and peace.

Let us worship the great mother and be blessed.