Dhumavathi Devi

Dhumavati is one of the Mahavidyas, and the Divine Mother for the entire universe. Though she looks old and considered as inauspicious in Hinduism, she is the kind hearted mother, who always safeguards her devotees in a nice manner. The goddess is seated on a chariot and riding a crow, and come all around the world, in order to watch her devotees, and to give good results for their prayers. By praying her, we can satisfy Lord Ketu, and can be relieved from Naga Dosham.
Dhumavati is said to be manifested from Tridevis even before the creation of the world. While Dhumavati is related with only inauspicious qualities, by uttering her thousand names will give immediate positive results in our life. She is a kind hearted mother and the giver of boons. She only taught the good and bad things to us, and she is described as the UNIVERSAL GURU also. She gives great knowledge, spiritual power, wisdom, courage, boldness and enthusiasm in our life. Her ugly appearance tells us that we have to decide the goodness of a person only by seeing his good qualities and not by merely seeing his appearance.
Dhumavati gives super natural powers and protects us from all sorts of problems and fulfils our needs and wishes in life and also finally will give SALVATION. Her worship is important for those people such as bachelors, widows, divorcees and sages. She is having a temple in Varanasi. And by worshipping her, devotees will get fulfilled their wishes and lives happily and peacefully. Although only very temples are dedicated to her, by worshipping her in those temples, we will get utmost mental satisfaction and body relaxation and we will feel as if we are living in the heaven.
Dhumavati’s worship is generally performed in the night in a cremation ground and during Amavasya. The worshipper should observe fasting and must perform a homam in order to please the divine mother.
Dhumavati temples are found in Bihar and Guwahati. At the Varanasi temple, Dhumavati’s is offered flowers and fruit and pujas are performed to her. There is also a famous temple dedicated to the goddess in Datia, Madhya Pradesh.
We can worship her by placing a framed or laminated picture and can decorate her with flower garlands and offer fruits and flowers. We have to recite her slokas continuously for several years, in order to get good things to happen in our life. There is no need to worry about the appearance or avoiding her considering as an inauspicious god. She is also an incarnation of Mata Parvati, and a mother will always do only goodness to her child. Hence it is advisable for us to worship her with utmost faith and dedication, in order to get all the prosperity in our life.

Let us pray to the holy mother and be blessed.