Goddess Swasti Devi



Goddess Swasti Devi is the consort of Lord Vayu, the Wind god. She is mentioned in Vedas and Puranas and contains great powers similar to her consort Lord Vayu Deva. She is believed to be the daughter of Lord Viswakarma, the Divine Architect, and since Lord Vayu was very much impressed with the beauty of Swasti Devi both of them were married with the blessings of Lord Viswakarma. Similar to Lord Vayu, Mata Swasti Devi also receives the oblations from fire sacrifices. Though she is not a much known goddess, in ancient times, people used to worship her along with Lord Vayu Bhagavan.

Lord Vayu is a sincere devotee of Lord Vishnu, and similar to him, Mata Swasti Devi used to worship Lord Vishnu and performs pujas to him. Their children are Makanaka and Mahabhra. She is living in the Vayu Loka along with Lord Vayu and with her children. During the Treta Yuga, when Lord Hanuman was born from the powers of Lord Vayu, she appeared before Hanuman, and blessed him. She contains shining golden coloured body with a smiling face. She holds the pot of divine nectar in her one hand, and blesses her devotees in her another hand. When Pandavas were banned from their kingdom and went to the forest, Mata Swasti Devi appeared before them and consoled them, and she is having great bhakti on Lord Krishna, an avatar of Lord Vishnu. In some pictures she can be seen seated in a Gazelle, a type of deer, along with her husband Lord Vayu.

Mata Swasti Devi is worshipped for getting relieved from all types of diseases, removes the evil thoughts in our mind, purify our mind, and gives great energy in our mind and body. We have to chant the Mantra “OM VAYU DEVA PATHNI MATA SWASTI DEVIYE NAMAHA”, in order to get good results in our life.