Jambavati is the consort of Lord Krishna.  She was the lovely daughter of the mighty bear-king Jambavan. After knowing the importance of Lord Krishna, Jambavan married her to Lord Krishna. Her name is also mentioned in various Hindu Texts.
She was married by Lord Krishna, after defeating her father Jambavan in the battle, in order to prove his innocence with regard to the precious Syamantaka Jewel.
Krishna was wrongly misunderstood by his own people, to be the stealer of the Precious jewel. In order to provide himself as an honest person, he went to the cave of Jambavan and fought with Jambavan and brought the jewel and handed over it to
Satrajit, who later felt worried for his mistake, and married his daughter Satyabama to Lord Krishna.
Through his marriage with Jambavati, they had a son known as Samba, who contains the features of Lord Shiva. Jambavati was the mother of ten children. Among them, Samba is considered to be the lovely son for their parents.
After the death of Krishna, Jambavati along with other wives of Lord Krishna entered herself into the pyre of Lord Krishna, and attained SALVATION.
Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.

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