Mata Ushas


Ushas is a goddess of dawn in Hinduism. She is mentioned in the Rigveda. She is giving the life for all the living creatures of the entire universe and makes us to breathe properly, and gives a sound mind and a sound body.
Ushas is considered as a powerful goddess in the Rig Veda and her importance is mentioned in several other sacred texts, and also contains the powers of Goddess Shakti. She is considered as equivalent to other Vedic deities like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Surya and Soma. She looks very beautiful with a stunning and marvellous appearance and rides in a golden chariot drawn by several holy cows, in the sky. Her sister is Nidhra Devi, the goddess of night.
She is also worshipped in various other names by the foreign country people. Ushas is the divine daughter of the holy Dyaus Pita, father of the sky.
We can pray to her in the following manner:
1. You are the activator of all the living beings. Everyone is controlled by your great supreme power.
2. During the dawn time, various pujas are conducted in the temples. Only through your grace, people are worshipping the god in the dawn time and getting benefits.
3. You are interlinked with various vedic gods. By worshipping you, we can attain their blessings also.
4. You are giving the benefits of doing various types of homams.
5. By worshipping you, all the trimurties and tridevis will get satisfied.
6. You are curing the various ailments of the people.
7. You are controlling the mind and body of every living being. By worshipping you, we will get good thoughts in our mind, and bad thoughts will be permanently erased from our mind.
8. Through your power, please safeguard and protect us, and give us all the prosperity in our life.
9. After our departure from this world, kindly make us to enter into the path of heaven.
She was praised by Sri Aurobindo and she is worshipped during the festival of Chhath Puja, in North India and in Nepal. She can be worshipped in the dawn time by chanting her names and by praying her in the form of Shakti Devi.
By doing durga puja, performing abhishekams and archanai, and various types of homams in Durga Devi Mandir will definitely please Mata Ushas and will give peacefulness and wellness to us.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.