Nidhra Devi


Nidhra Devi, is a Hindu goddess who mainly related with night. Her details are found in Rigveda, and also in several ancient sacred hindu texts. She is mentioned as an affectionate mother and the giver of spiritual power. She contains the beauty similar to that of Goddess Lakshmi and contains the powers of the Tridevis, Parvati, Lakshmi and Saraswati.
She acts an important deity for those who suffers from sleeplessness, tiredness, lack of energy, pale and dullness and mentally challenged persons.
According to Ramayana, it is mentioned that Lakshmana took care of Rama for 14 years, without sleeping in nights. On behalf of Lakshmana, his affectionate wife Urmila slept for the entire 14 years period. This was happened due to the blessings of Goddess Nidhra Devi. In South India, Urmila Devi is worshipped as a deity along with Rama, Lakshmana and Sita. And she is also a sincere of devotee of goddess Nidhra Devi and lived peacefully due to her blessings.
Nidhra Devi is considered as an incarnation of goddess Parvati, and contains the features of Parvati Devi. She is a Shakti element and gives all types of fortunes and fulfils our wishes and gives several boons to us, based on our dedication and bhakti to her. There are several mantras are there for proper sleep which mainly relates to Nidhra Devi. In order to sleep properly we can recite the mantras, and can pray to her as follows:
1. Om Mata Nidhra Deviye Namaha
2. Let me recite your mantra for getting a peaceful sleep.
3. You are the Powerful goddess of sleep, without you grace, nobody can sleep properly.
4. Please give me sufficient sleep in the night, in order to do my daily routines during the day time.
5. Your powers are unimaginable nobody can measure your power. Please give me proper physique and energy to sustain in my life.
6. You are worshipped since ancient times. Let me get your blessings to run my life without any difficulty.
7. You are the wire puller of the entire universe. Nobody can survive in this world, without your grace.

Hence let us worship her with utmost faith and sincere devotion in our mind and be blessed.