Rukmani was the princess of Vidarbha and she was born in the holy city of Haridwar, and she is the consort of Lord Krishna. Due to the dislike with Krishna, her brother Rukmi arranged her marriage with Sishupala. But Lord Krishna fought with the kings and got married with Rukmani. She was mentioned in Bhagavata Purana, and was considered as a divine incarnation of Mata Lakshmi.
Due to her marriage with Lord Krishna, Dwaraka’s citizens were happy, and they celebrated their marriage as a festival in their homes. Everybody prepared various sweets and savouries and offered it to their great master Krishna and Rukmani, and received their blessings.
Once Mata Rukmini welcomed Lord Krishna’s childhood friend Sri Sudama with much respect, and offered him delicious food. She is worshipped as Rukhumai, the consort of Vithoba (an incarnation of Krishna) in Pandharpur, Maharashtra. She is the mother of ten children and among those Pradyumna was considered as the crown prince of Dwaraka.
After the end of Krishna avatar, Rukmini along with his other consorts were entered into the pyre and attained VAIKUNTA.
Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.

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