Tapti is the goddess of river Tapti, and she is the daughter of Surya and Chaya. Her siblings are Yama, Yamuna, Bhadra, Shanidev and Ashwin Kumaras. Her husband name is Samvarna and their son name is Kuru, the founder of the kuru dynasty.

She is mentioned in Mahabharata and Bhagavatam and also in various divine texts, and her importance is also mentioned.

As per the Hindu texts, Tapti contains great knowledge in various subjects and looks attractive and contains a very good behaviour, and also contains soft and gentle nature.

Tapti is a river in india between the Godavari and the narmada rivers. It covers the indian state of Madhya Pradesh, Maharashtra and Gujarat.

There is a famous temple dedicated to Mata Tapti at betul, Madhya Pradesh. Devotees are visiting from all parts of india, to have a glimpse of their divine mother. Daily temple rituals will take place, and the goddess will be decorated with flowers and ornaments, and fulfil the wishes of her devotees. By taking bath in the river tapti will clears our sins, and will become holy. She is worshipped as a goddess since ancient times. Her vehicle is Fish.

The famous mantra for Mata tapti is:



She is the sister of river Yamuna and both are very holy rivers. She is mainly worshipped for getting relieved from water related diseases like cough, cold, diabetes and also cures various other dreaded diseases. Being the daughter of the Sun God, she looks very bright and calm. She contains all the good qualities and is a worshipful mother. Many sages and saints were praised her glory and worshipped her for getting relieved from birth cycle.

Various demi gods also worships her for her great spiritual power, and she also contains the features of Mata Parvati.

Let us worship the great divine mother and be blessed.