Budha graha



Budha graha is one among the Navagrahas, and he is the planet Mercury. He is mentioned in various Puranas and in Vedas.

Budha is the son of Lord Chandra and Ma Tara. His consort is Ila, and his son is Pururavas, and he resides in the Budha Loka. He is an ardent devotee of Lord Vishnu, and due to his sincere devotion and meditation on him, he has become a noble planet, and he is still meditating on Lord Vishnu from the Budha Mandala. He is the god of Wednesday, and according to an ancient Tamil proverb, “EVEN WE CAN GET GOLD EASILY, BUT GETTING THE AUSPICIOUS WEDNESDAY IS VERY DIFFICULT, AND HENCE WE SHOULD PROPERLY UTILIZE THAT PIOUS DAY”. He is having the powers to control our mind, and would make us to turn in the spiritual path.

Mercury is the smallest planet and he was worshipped by the ancient Greece people in a different name and in a different form. As per the observance of space researchers and scientists, Mercury is far away from the earth, and the planet contains no living beings, and there are no proper facilities in the planet. Everywhere in the planet, severe sand storm would occur frequently, and it is a lonely planet.

But according to our Puranas, Budha Mandala appears very beautiful similar to the other planets. And there are huge palaces which contains all the luxuries items. Excepting a few like Narada, Dhruva and Lord Daksha, nobody can easily go there, without getting the permission of Lord Budha Bhagavan. Along with him, his consort and his children are also living in the divine world. He is surrounded with some sages and divine demi gods, and they are praising his glories. Those who reside in the Budha Loka, would not suffer from hunger, thirst, diseases and from any other problems in their lives.

Budha is considered as a soft spoken and a humble demi god, and he used to move gently with others. Being the staunch devotee of Lord Vishnu, he would bless the devotees of Vishnu, and would give goodness in their lives. He is always protected by Vishnu, and hence he cannot be defeated or destroyed by anyone. We can chant his mantra, “OM SRI BUDHA BHAGAVANE NAMAHA”, in order to get all kinds of prosperity in our lives.





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