Lord Chitragupta



Lord Chitragupta is serving as a divine accountant under Lord Yama Dharma, and he is considered as the son of Mata Parvati, since he has emerged from the Chitra (Picture) drawn by Mata Parvati. He is giving the correct calculations of the activities done by the humans, to his master Lord Yama, and discharging his duties wonderfully.

Apart from praising the divine deities, it is a must for us to chant the Chitragupta Mantra, “OM SRI CHITRAGUPTAYA NAMAHA”, in order to get goodness in our life, and also to attain a suitable position in our next birth.

According to a legend, once in ancient India, there lived a pious woman with her only son, whose name was Ram. Her son was very mischievous during his childhood, and since he is her only son, she didn’t scold him, even if he commits any mistakes.

In course of time, Ram has become a teenage person, and he began to start doing mistakes like stealing the belonging of others, and in course of time, he has become a big thief. The worried mother was a devotee of Lord Chitragupta, and before her death, she began to pray to Lord Chitragupta and asked him to take care of her son, and died.

Even after the death of his mother, Ram didn’t change his bad habits, and due to that, he was given death sentence by the king of that region. Before his death, Lord Chitragupta took the form of a soldier and demanded some money from Ram, which he had earned by honest means by working in the prison. Ram also gave the money whole heartedly to Chitragupta, and Chitragupta had donated the money to a Shiva devotee.

After a few days, Ram was hanged to death. And when he was about to be punished by the attendants of Lord Yama, the divine attendants of Lord Shiva had arrived at that place, and they took the soul of Ram to the abode of Lord Shiva, the Kailasa.

This was happened due to the divine grace of Lord Chitragupta, since he came in the form of a soldier, and donated the money given by Ram to a Shiva devotee. Due to that noble act, Ram has attained MUKTI.

Hence let us worship Lord Chitragupta, and be blessed.




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