Niruti is one among the Ashta Dikpalakas such as Kubera, Yama, Indra, Varuna, Ishana, Agni and Vayu. Niruti Deva is also considered as a female aspect of Ma Shakti Devi, but in most of the texts he is mentioned as a male deity, and he is the god of south west direction. Niruti is residing in Niruti Loka, which is considered similar to the Brahma Loka. It contains all the natural beauties covered with big mountains, rivers and big sized birds and animals are found in this Loka. Lord Niruti is believed to be living in this Loka along with his consort and children, and his attendants. He is also mentioned as a demonic deva in some texts, but he contains very good qualities similar to the great demon king PRAHALADA.

The great Madhwa Saint Sri Raghothamar is considered to be an incarnation of Niruti Deva, and while he was performing puja to the divine deities, the dikpalakas would surround him, and would keenly watch the puja performance of Raghothamar. Niruti is also worshipped similar to Vastu Deva, since both of them are considered as the god of direction. Similar to worshipping Lord Vastu Deva, while building our homes or purchasing of plots or flats, we can also worship Lord Niruti Deva, in order to live in a pleasant and peaceful place.

Niruti is believed to be the foremost son of Lord Brahma, similar to Narada, Daksha, Marichi and Sangu Karnar. For becoming a Dikpalaka, Lord Niruti worshipped Lord Vishnu, and performed penance on him. Through his sincerity and dedication on the almighty, he has become a Dikpalaka, and his position is permanent, and he is discharging his duties for several millions of years.

We can please Lord Niruti by worshipping him along with Lord Vishnu, and his divine incarnation Guru Raghothamar. Whoever sincerely worships him would be rewarded with lot of wealth, name and fame, and they would be relieved from their prolonged illness. In Hinduism, we are having millions and millions of holy demi gods, gods and goddesses, avatars, saints, sages and staunch devotees like Prahalada and Dhruva. If we find it difficult to worship different deities at a time, we can worship the first god Vinayaka, who is considered as the chief among all other deities.





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