Pithaldev Ji Maharaj



Pithaldev Ji Maharaj, also called as Baba is a village god in Rajasthan. Baba Pithaldev is also worshiped as the Kula Deva and Ishta Deva in some districts in Rajasthan. His various other names are Baba Prithviraj and Prithvi Singh. It is believed that he took birth at a village in Rajasthan on 1638 AD.

Pithaldev was a good warrior, and he used to ride his horse during the times of war. Some Village people used to sing glorious songs on him, and in that they have mentioned Maharaj as a warrior god, and he contains the features of Lord Shiva. It is believed that during his fight with his enemies, he was killed by them. The place where he was killed is worshipped by the devotees, and a shrine was built to him, and it is located in Nagaur district at Rajasthan. The devotees used to perform milk bath to the idol of Pithdev Maharaj. His wonderful songs would be sung by his devotees on every Chaturthi at his shrine.  Some devotees used to offer alcohol to him. Baba Pithaldev cures the diseases of the devotees and brings good fortunes in their lives. It is believed that he still rides in his horse and safeguarding the villages in Rajasthan.

There are lot of temples for guardian deities situated all over India. They are considered as the divine incarnations, and they are taking the avatars to help the people. They would not keep anything for themselves, and they would always aim to help their sincere devotees.

Some guardian gods have been killed by others, and as a result, instead of taking ghost form, due to their divine powers, they are taking a divine form, and helping their devotees in their day to day problems. Some guardian gods like Sudalai Madan were purposefully sent by Lord Shiva in order to protect the people from their problems, and to establish the faith and bhakti in the minds of the devotees.