Pushan is a Vedic god. Pushan is the god who helps in conducting marriages, providing safe journeys and will dwell in the hearts of those people who feed food to the animals. He gives the results according to our Karma. He guides the souls to travel to the other world. He also removes the fear of the people during the time of their death, by showing his beautiful appearance. He protects the pilgrims from thieves and animals, and protects the people from enemies and safeguards them from accidents, unnatural death and leads the people to the divine path. He is also the giver god who gives wealth, health and all prosperity in our life.
He also safeguards our belongings when we travel from one place to another. He removes the bad thoughts in our mind, removes the black magic and cures several dreaded diseases.
He mainly relieves the people from all sorts of natural calamities which occur due to cyclone, floods, heavy rain and tsunami. He does all the goodness to us, in order to live a peaceful life. He always takes care of the devotees who worship god in any form, and other religious people also, but only thing he expects from the people is true bhakti on god.
If we have pure devotion on god, he will do good things in our life, on the basis of our past karmic deeds. He is also having the power to reduce our bad karmic deeds to some extent and to give good results in our life. But he cannot change the entire fate of a person. He is also mentioned in Rig Veda and in ancient puranas and devotional texts. He also partakes in yagna and receives the sacrificial offering and blesses the people. He will also give faster relief from various ailments like cough, cold, asthma, heart problems and several other long standing diseases. He also relieves the people from mental disorders, confusion in mind, lack of energy, dullness, laziness and mental instability. His name will be repeated several times while conducting various homams.
He is considered equivalent to vedic deities like Indra, Varuna, Agni, Vayu, Surya and Chandra. He contains super natural powers and will reach to any place at any moment by hearing our call. We can chant his names repeatedly, so that he will come with us in every walk of our life. In the Puranas, Pushan is described as one of the Adityas and is the son of Aditi and Kashyaba. His brothers are Surya,Varuna and Indra.
He acts as a body guard to us and fulfils all of our wishes in our daily life. Though he is not much known similar to other deities, he is also one among the vedic gods and helps the people in the earth. He does his duties as per the instructions given by Lord Indra, and acts as a supportive friend to him. He also interacts with other deities like Vayu, Varuna, Surya and Chandra in order to discharge his duties properly.
He is worshipped by several sages, and got blessed by him. He also helps the sages in doing their penance properly and removes the disturbances caused to them while doing penance. In general, we can say he is the friend for the entire space.

Let us praise his glory and be blessed.