Ganesh was an ardent devotee of Lord Guruvayurappan and he lived in Palakkad Kerala. He was an intelligent boy and secured good marks in his school exams. He was also interested in spiritual matters, and regularly visits temples in his nearby area. Once in a year, during the Krishna Jayanti festival, he used to visit Guruvayur along with his sister and parents and would worship the great Lord Sri Guruvayurappan.
During the first year of his college studies, one day, suddenly he got fainted in the college floor, and remained in an unconscious state for a few hours. The college management informed his condition to his parents, and his parents were admitted him in a nearby hospital. The doctors were diagnosed and found that he is having brain tumour. On hearing this, he and his parents were very much depressed and were disinterested in running their life. Suddenly ganesh got some hope and decided to visit Guruvayurappan along with his family. He went there and prayed to the lord and promised the lord to offer bananas as thulabaram, if he gets relieved from the disease. After few months, he got admitted in the hospital, and the doctors were successfully completed the operation, and within a few days after surgery, he was completely relieved from his disease. As per the promise, he immediately went to Guruvayur along with his family and offered bananas as thulabaram.
This incident was happened during 1960’s.
Let us worship the great god Sri Guruvayurappan and be blessed.