Goddess Shobhavati



Goddess Shobhavati is the daughter of Lord Yama Dharma Maharaja, the death god, and the sister of Lord Katila. According to ancient Puranas, Mata Shobhavati is a great devotee of Lord Shiva, and at the time of her birth, she didn’t cried, but made a cheerful smile, and chanted the holy “OM NAMAH SHIVAYA” mantra. Due to that, Lord Shiva and Mata Parvati were very much pleased with the child, and blessed her and gave various boons to her.

Shobhavati had developed more bhakti on Lord Shiva, and she installed a Shiva Lingam at the Yama Loka, and began to worship Shiva by offering holy flowers, and performed puja to the Shiva Lingam. After she attained teenage, Lord Shiva granted her the boon of becoming the Assistant to the Divine Accountant, Lord Chitragupta. Both Lord Chitragupta and Mata Shobhavati were born due to the grace of Lord Shiva. Shobhavati readily agreed and become the Assistant, to Lord Chitragupta.

Lord Yama was very much pleased with the grace of Lord Shiva, and Mata Shobhavati used to give the correct calculations of the Karmic Deeds done by the human beings in the earth to Lord Chitragupta. It is believed that due to her sincere devotion on Lord Shiva, she didn’t get married, and remained as a pious and a chaste goddess, and considered Lord Chitragupta as her own brother, and treated him with great respect.

Next to Yama, Chitragupta and Lord Katila, Shobhavati occupies an important place in the Yama Loka, and discharges her duties in a wonderful manner. She shows motherly affection, and relieves her devotees from death fears, and gives courage, wisdom and boldness to them.

She contains the features of Mata Shakti, and she can be worshipped by chanting the Mantra, “OM YAMA PUTRI SHOBHAVATIYE NAMAHA”.

Those who suffer from dangerous diseases, and from Virus related fevers, are advised to worship Mata Shobhavati in order to get a speedy recovery from their sickness.