Gandharva King Chitrasena

Gandharva King ChitrasenaGandharva King Chitrasena


Chi­trasena is a Gandharva king, and he is also a close friend of Lord Indra. He was mentioned in the Mahabharata as a charming and a nice person who contains excellent qualities. He is very good in warfare and a great Archer. When Arjuna went to the Indra Loka to meet his father Lord Indra, it was Chitrasena who acted as a friend to him, and when Arjuna was cursed by the celestial dancer Ma Urvasi, he reduced the period of his curse by telling about his significance to Ma Urvasi.

When Kauravas tried to wage a war with the Pandavas at the forest, during their exile term, it was the great Chitrasena, who bravely fought with the Kauravas, chased them out, and safeguarded the Pandavas. Chitrasena had got married with a nice, chaste and a noble woman, Ma Chandralochana, and they had children. Similar to the Gardharva Sage Tumburu, Chitrasena has got the right to travel to any divine worlds, and he used to sing wonderful divine songs using his Yazh music instrument in the abodes of Lord Shiva, Indra, Brahma and Vishnu. It is also believed that Chitrasena used to frequently visit our planet earth, in order to worship the famous temples of Shiva and Vishnu, such as Kasi, Kedarnath, Badrinath and Somnath.

Chitrasena is considered to be a great demi-god, and we can also worship him, by reciting the mantra, “OM SRI CHITRASENAYA NAMAHA”. Chitrasena is a talented musician, and hence, those who are in music field, are advised to worship Lord Chitrasena, in order to get good name and fame in music field. Chitrasena contains a long life term, and it is believed that he still lives in the Gandharva Loka by efficiently discharging his duties as a Gandharva King.

Demi-gods like Indra, Yama and Chitrasena are almost forgotten by the Hindus, by considering them as minor deities, without realising that we are not capable to even touch their holy feet. It is also believed that they used to take the form of birds, animals and insects, and they would keenly watch our activities, and after analysing us, they would report about out activities to the main gods.

Hence let us keep worshipping the minor deities like Lord Chitrasena, Indra and Tumburu, similar to the main gods like Shiva and Vishnu, and let us be blessed.