Kaumari is also known as Kumari and Kartikeyani is considered as an aspect of Lord Kartikeya, and is the Goddess of War. She is one among the seven mother goddesses. She is also considered as the consort of Lord Muruga, since she contains the qualities similar to Lord Muruga. Kaumari rides a peacock and has got four hands. She holds various weapons in her three hands, and in one hand, she blesses us. She was mainly incarnated for killing the powerful demons with her weapons. She is also an aspect of Goddess Shakti. She is the giver of boons to her devotees, and blesses the devotees of Lord Muruga. It is believed that she had incarnated from the powers of Lord Muruga, in order to maintain peace and prosperity in the world. Her glory and importance is mentioned in several hindu scriptures, and several slokas in praise of her glory can be read by us, which will give success in our tasks and we will never get failures in our life.


Being the aspect of Lord Karthikeya, we can worship her along with Lord Muruga. By keeping their pictures, we can worship them in our home. We can also recite the kanda shasti kavasam along with kaumari stotram. We will get enormous benefits by worshiping Kaumari. By sincerely praying to her we will get the following benefits in our life:

  1. Peacefulness and pleasantness in our life.
  2. Suicidal thoughts will be removed from our mind, and we will get good thoughts in our mind, and able to lead a proper life.
  3. Unnecessary angriness and arguments will be avoided.
  4. Enemy related problems will be immediately solved.
  5. Always will feel some sort of divine guardian is following us during our travels.
  6. Health related issues will be sorted out especially speech related problems will be immediately solved.
  7. By sincerely worshipping the holy mother, Kaumari, we can attain SALVATION after our death.

Let us worship the holy mother and be blessed.






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