Ma Brahma Vidhya, The Pious Consort Of Lord Brahma




Ma Brahma Vidhya is another form of Ma Saraswati, she is the mother of knowledge and in this form she imparts her vast knowledge to others. Vidhya means knowledge, and since she is considered as the goddess of knowledge, and since she is the beloved consort of Lord Brahma, Ma Saraswati is also known as “MA BRAHMA VIDHYA”. There are about 108 names for Ma Saraswati, and in that, the name Brahma Vidhya is considered to be the most auspicious name and the great poet and the popular scholar, Kalidasa praised Ma Saraswati in his divine songs, and in that, he has mentioned about the several names of Ma Saraswati.

“Oh Ma Saraswati, you are the great goddess of knowledge, education, wisdom and courage. You have been called by various names like Vani, Kalaivani, Saraswati, Vidhya Devi, Kalaiselvi, Vidhyavati, Gayatri and Brahma Vidhya. You look very beautiful in your white coloured dress, and you wore various precious ornaments on your body. With your beautiful Music Instrument, Veena, you are raising melodious noise, and you are providing a grand feast to the ears of the listeners”.

Brahma Vidhya is considered to be the ancient Vedic goddess similar to her consort Lord Brahma, and she also receives the oblation from the fire sacrifices similar to the other Vedic gods, and her Guru is Sri Hayagriva, a popular incarnation of Lord Vishnu. Brahma Vidhya is also mentioned in ancient Vedic texts, and she is considered to be the most affectionate and dutiful consort of Lord Brahma. Lord Brahma, who is the fate writer, would ask his consort to dwell permanently in the souls of the Vedic scholars, saints and sages.

In the Raghavendra Vijayam, the life history of Guru Raghavendra, it was mentioned, that Ma Saraswati had appeared in the form of Ma Brahma Vidhya, and insisted him to take Sanyasa for the sake of the universal goodness. Madhwa Saints like Vyasaraja, Guru Raghavendra, Sri Padaraja and Madhwacharya would regularly chant the stotras and the divine names of Ma Brahma Vidhya during their life time, and due to that, Ma Brahma Vidhya had permanently dwelled in their souls.

It is also believed that Ma Brahma Vidhya would not shower her grace on those who frequently use bad words, those who do unfair activities, and those who speak against Hinduism.

Hence let us worship the beautiful form of Ma Saraswati, the great Brahma Vidhya, and be blessed.