Ma Radha Rani, The Best Devotee Of Lord Krishna




Ma Radha Rani also called as Radhika, is a staunch devotee and a friend to Lord Krishna at Vrindavan. She is also worshiped as a goddess of love and affection. She was the chief among the female cowherds, who are known as Gopikas. She expressed her love and affection in a different style, and even Krishna’s consorts like Ma Rukmini and Satyabama cannot compete with her with regard to her faith, love, affection, dedication and devotion on Lord Krishna. Ma Radha Rani would eagerly listen to the flute music of Lord Krishna without even blinking her eyes, and she was very much attracted with the flute music of Lord Krishna.

She has seen the presence of Lord Krishna in all the living beings in the earth, and even to the trees, birds and animals she used to ask about the wellness of Lord Krishna, and she was very much attracted with the divine beauty of Lord Krishna. Their love is considered as a divine love, it is purely based on the souls of the two divine ones, and in that there was no physical pleasure. In most of the pictures of Lord Krishna, we can see the presence of Ma Radha Rani also, and both of them would be seen in the form of hugging posture.

Ma Radha is considered as the Shakti of Lord Krishna, who contains great powers similar to Lord Krishna. In most of the Krishna temples, she can be seen accompanying with Lord Krishna. She is mainly worshipped by the North Indian people and they believe that she is an incarnation of Ma Lakshmi Devi. It is believed that she never married with Lord Krishna, but kept her entire soul on him. She was given permission to visit the palace of Lord Krishna at any time, and whenever she visits him, first, she would wash the holy feet of Lord Krishna through her tender hands, and then she would adorn him with flower garlands, and also would give fruits and Krishna’s favourite butter, and sometimes she also used to feed him in his mouth directly from her hands.

Krishna and his wives were amazed at the bhakti of Ma Radha Rani, and, she used to serve the great Lord like his obedient servant, and she had won the hearts of everyone in the world. It is believed that she has left from this world before Lord Krishna, and unable to control his grief, Lord Krishna had broken his flute, and thereafter he never played his flute.

Hence let us worship Ma Radha and Krishna together, and let us chant the RadhaKrishna Mantra in order to attain goodness in our lives.