Ma Shakti Devi, The Best Consort Of Lord Shiva




Ma Shakti Devi is the best consort of Lord Shiva, and that’s why she has occupied half of the body of Lord Shiva. She is very much liked by Lord Shiva due to her obedience, bhakti and love and affection showered by her on him. She never disobeyed the orders of Lord Shiva, and always acted as a dutiful and a disciple wife. Once when she was teased by his father Daksha at a Yagna, she could not tolerate the insult caused by his father, and specifically when he spoke badly about Lord Shiva, she felt very angry, cursed her father, and due to her spiritual powers, she self-immolated herself, and left her body in various locations at the earth, and the place where her body parts were fallen are known as “SHAKTI PEETHAS”.

During her next birth, she was born as a daughter to the Himalayan King, Himavan and his consort, Mena, and at her young age itself, she started meditating on Lord Shiva in order to become his wife. She patiently performed penance for several years, and finally, Lord Shiva came down to the earth, and married Ma Shakti Devi, and thereafter she came to be known as Parvati. (ambien)

Similar to Ma Bhudevi she has got lot of patience, and that’s why she is worshipped as the “AFFECTIONATE MOTHER GODDESS”, by his devotees. During Hindu marriage ceremonies, elders would wish the newly wedded couple as “live a long life similar to Parvati and Parameshwar”. And also, if there is a perfect match between the couples, their well-wishers would tell to them, “You are the best match, similar to Parvati and Parameshwar”.

Ma Parvati contains all the best qualities and she acts as an example for others. She also acts like a Rishi Patni with regard to the sincerity and the devotion shown by her on Lord Shiva, and her name and fame would never diminish from this world. She is considered as the “NITHYA SUMANGALI”, and we can perform Kalyanotsavam to the divine couple Lord Shiva and Parvati in the popular temples of Lord Shiva, in order to lead a comfortable, happy and a peaceful married life.