Mata Tara



Tara is the consort of Lord Brihaspati, Guru for the Devas, and he is the god of Thursday, and the planet Jupiter. Tara was mentioned in ancient texts, and she is described as a very beautiful lady. Once when Lord Chandra studied Vedic subjects from Brihaspati, he saw Tara and fell in love with her. As a result, Chandra took her to his abode, the Chandra Loka, and lived with her in a joyful manner.

In spite of repeated calls made by Brihaspti, Tara didn’t show any interest in joining with her consort Brihaspati. Later Lord Brahmadeva interfered with them, and ordered Tara to join with her husband Brihaspati. Finally Tara returned to her husband’s place. After some time, she gave birth to a beautiful child, which was born from her union with Lord Chandra. The child was named as Budha, and from his young age itself, he showed sincere bhakti on Lord Vishnu, and as a result, Lord Vishnu granted him the boon of becoming a planet.

Actually everything in the universe is happening on the basis of karmic deeds. Even for the divine personalities like Mata Tara and Lord Chandra, they have committed sins based on their past karmic deeds. Lord Chandra is a flawless god, and he is very good in nature, but as a result of his bad fate, he has done like that. But after some time, he realized his mistake, meditated on Lord Shiva, and then he had relieved from his sins.

We also cannot commit crimes by taking Lord Chandra and Indra as an example. They are the divine personalities, and even if they commit crimes, they know how to get rid from their sins. But we are all ordinary mortals, and we are not having the eligibility to comment on them. Instead of that, we can worship Lord Indra and Chandra, in a whole heartedly manner, in order to get all kinds of prosperity in our life.