Wives Of Lord Krishna



Lord Krishna is our divine saviour, and he lived in the previous Dwapara Yuga. His main wives are:

  1. Rukmani
  2. Satyabhama
  3. Jambavati
  4. Kalindi
  5. Bhadra
  6. Mitravinda
  7. Satya
  8. Lakshmana

Among these eight principle wives, Ma Rukmani is considered as the chief wife. Apart from these wives, it is believed that he freed the 16,000 girls, who were kept under the custody of demon Narakasura, and after killing him, he brought them to his Dwaraka Kingdom and with their consent, he married them. He used to take different forms and lived with his wives. Though he lived with so many wives, he has properly done his daily karmas, like Surya Namaskaram, Chanting of Vedas and Mantras, and participated in the Yagnas. He highly respected the elders and the sages, and he even acted kindly with his servants, and he didn’t scold them at any time. Throughout his life he maintained strict discipline and lived a very pious and a holy life. He properly guided the people of Dwaraka and also acted as a friend and a companion to the Pandavas. He lived as per the path of Dharma, and gave his valuable teachings in the form of Bhagavat Gita, which acts as the main source for the people, who believes him.

All of his wives were highly respected him, and acted as dutiful wives to him. They used to praise his glories and sung beautiful songs on him. They maintained chastity and purity, and lived similar to the great Rishi Pathnies like Anusuya and Arunthati. After the end of Krishna Avatar, all of his wives were entered into the fire, and attained salvation.

Most of the people are questioning about the marriages of Lord Krishna, including Hindus. Lord Krishna is the supreme god, and due to the boon granted to his devotees in their previous birth, he has married so many girls in his life. He is apart from worldly pleasures and material comforts. He is an “ANTHARYAMI”, who can be fully realized only by the great sages and saints.

Let us worship Lord Krishna and his consorts and be blessed.




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