Heaven and Hell is the term used in almost all the religions. In a nutshell, those who do good things in their life would go to heaven, and those who commits bad things in their life would go to hell. But our fate is already predetermined by the god, and it cannot be changed even to a little extent. Whatever sufferings we have to face, we must, and there is no other way to escape from that. Daily we are reading in the newspapers that lot of people dies due to accidents, murders and suicides. All these are happening, due to our fate, and due to our bad karmic deeds done in our past lives.
In general, god is creating us in different forms and each and every-one is suffering from some problems in their life. Some may suffer to a large extent others may suffer to a small extent in their life. He creates us in different types, and putting different types of fate on us. Even god cannot escape from the sufferings. Example Lord Rama, had suffered a lot, even though, he has got the powers to change his fate.
Lord Krishna also had left his physical body, after a poisonous arrow invoked on his leg accidently by a hunter, and he wilfully accepted his fate. But god doesn’t create us for giving only sufferings to us. And he cannot be present with us physically and explain the plus and minus of our activities, since according to him, it would disturb the very purpose of creation itself.
The only thing we have to do in our life is to accept our sufferings in a relaxed manner, and to spend our life by worshipping god regularly by chanting his various names. And gradually our problems would be reduced, and we would feel better, and in course of time, our problems also would come to an end.
The concept of creation is to create the living beings differently and to make them to act independently without the interference of the god. But we should keep the divine faith in our soul, and must follow the path of righteousness.
Let us worship Lord Krishna and be blessed.