Holy Amman



Amman is considered to be the Chief deity of the Hindus. She is worshipped in various names, and she is having temples all over the world. She acts as an affectionate mother for us, looks after our day to day needs, and satisfies our reasonable wishes. My next house neighbour is Bhavani Thulukanathamman, and daily I used to pray to her for the well-being of the entire universe.

She is the one who removes our past birth karmas and would add happiness in our life, based on our sincere bhakti on her. In this earth, our life will not go as per our wishes. We didn’t know who we are? What type of birth we have taken in our previous births? And how we are going to take birth in our next life also? We are facing various troubles and turmoil in each and every moment of our life. Our life is uncertain. Nobody can enjoy 100% happiness in their life. Our life is bounded with both happiness as well as unhappiness. Our position is like someone forcibly ties our eyes, and leaves us in the dense forest. We have been directed by the god based on our Karmic deeds.

Similar to our mother, Amman would console us during our tough times. She would act like our lovely mother, and would come with us throughout our life. Even if we lose our family members like our parents, life partner and our children, the holy mother would always be with us, protect us, and guide us in our daily activities. She would remove the thorns in our path, and would place fragrant flowers on our path. We have to tightly hold her legs, and must not leave our grip, and must beg her to show mercy on us. Being our divine mother, she would definitely listen to our problems, heal our diseases, and would add sweetness in our life. Some ardent devotees of Amman would add the word ‘AMMAN’, before their names, in order to show their gratitude to her.  Nowadays, lot of people are committing suicides even for small, small matters. Instead of that, they can show their attention on worshipping the holy Amman, and can visit the famous Amman temples like Mangadu Amman, Angalaparameswari Amman, Erode, Thiruverkadu Amman, Melmalayanur Amman Temple etc. Similar to visiting other places, we have to go to the temples regularly.

During our free time, we can develop the habit of cleaning the temples and temple tanks, lighting of lamps to the idols of the temples, providing food and clothes to the poor devotees of Amman etc. By doing such kind of noble deeds, our various Doshams would be removed and it would please the great Amman, and due to that, she would instantly shower her grace on us.

God has gifted this human life to us only for doing good activities in our life, like helping others, worshipping the god and removing our bad habits like lust, anger and greed.

Daily we are spending our time on doing activities like reading newspapers, chatting with our friends and going for sight-seeing places etc. We are very much interested in talking and listening about political matters, and we are very much eager to know about the news of our next house neighbours. By doing that, we are not going to gain anything in our life.  We have to think about our old age life, and about our death, and we must necessarily allocate some time to worship the Divine Amman, in order to bring all kinds of prosperity in our life.