Lord Muniswaran


Lord Muniswaran is a Guardian God. He is the one who protects his devotees in their life. He is having various good qualities like knowledge, power, wisdom, and affection. “Muni” means “saint” and “Ishwara” represents Shiva. He is generally worshiped as a family deity in south india. Muniswaran is also called “Muniyandi”. and also as “Muniswarudu”.

Daksha’s Yagna,Veerabadra and Muneeswaran

Dakshayani was the youngest daughter of Daksha, the chief of the gods. And Dakshayani got married to Lord Shiva.

One day Daksha made arrangements for a great Ashwametha Yagna, and he invited all the gods excepting Lord Shiva, since he dislike him. Dakshayani, being dishonoured by Daksha, immolated herself and fell dead. When Shiva heard about this news, he created Lord Veerabadra, who was a brave and a powerful god and carried terrible weapons. Virabhadra bowed at Shiva’s feet and asked his will.

Shiva directed Virabhadra to destroy the yagna of Daksha. As per the instruction of Shiva, Virabhadra went into the place of yagna with Shiva’s ganas and destroyed the participants of the yagna. In order to protect the good souls, Shiva has created Muniswara. He was a great personality and an Amsa of Lord Shiva.

Worship of Lord Muniswara

The worship of Muniswara is popular in Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Vellore District and North Tamil Nadu, Singapore and Malaysia, with many temples dedicated to him. There are many small temples in Sri Lanka where Indian Tamil population is largely found. During the British period, people from various places of Tamil Nadu brought the deity of Muniswaran to Sri Lanka. Since his weapon is the Trident(Soolam in tamil), Muniswara temples will contain a trident placed in the ground, and limes are placed upon the prongs of the trident. In most of the villages in India, the deity is a laid stone. When statues of Muniswara are used, they are painted, in contrast to the black granite statues in other Indian temples. Muniswara is generally worshiped either as a fierce God or a peaceful God. Those who worship his fierce form will offer him animal sacrifices.

The list of various muneeswaran temples in tamil nadu are as follows:-

1. Body Guard Muneeswaran Temple,Pallavan Salai,Chennai
2. Muneeswaran Temple,Kovilanchery,Chennai
3. Muneeswaran Temple,Chengalpattu
4. Vaipoor Sree Muneeswaran Temple,Nallamperumbedu
5. Sri Muneeswaran Temple,Ranipet,Tamil nadu
6. Sri Muneeswaran Temple,Melmaruvathur,Chennai
7. Pal Muneeswaran Temple,Villivakkam,Chennai
8. Sri Muneeswaran Temple, Senjikothamangalam.

Importance of Lord Muniswaran

Many families kula deivam is Muniswaran. He is the one who protects his devotees in case of their difficult situation. He relieves various diseases of his devotees, removes black magic and brings happiness in the families of his devotees. Pal Muniswaran, is a form of Muniswaran, who is considered as a vegetarian deity and he does not accept any animal sacrifice.


Thus it can be concluded, that by worshipping Lord Muniswaran, we can attain health, wealth and happiness in our life. He will give good prospects in the life of his devotees. If we go to his temples and worship him, we will get peace of mind and our day to day problems will vanish and also our body will become healthy. Whenever we go anywhere, he will come with us like our bodyguard and will protect us from our enemies.But only thing is that, we should have pure bhakti and faith on him.Let us chant his nama ‘OM SREE MUNISWARAYA NAMAHA’ and live happily for ever.