Lord Veerabahu

Lord Veerabahu is the Army Chief of Lord Muruga. Lord Muruga is the son of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. Through the power of Goddess Parvathi, nine soldiers were born to help Lord Muruga in the battlefield. Among the nine commanders, Veerabaahu is the main commander of Lord Muruga’s army.







Veerabahuacted as a mediator between Lord Muruga and the Asura Kingsoorapadman. Veerabahuhas advised soorapadman to avoid the war and asked him to act in a friendly manner with Lord Muruga. But Soorapadman arrogantly behaved with Veerabahu and started the war with Lord Muruga. Veerabahu occupied an important role in winning the battle with Soorapadman.

First Of All Veerabahu an army chief of Muruga, after winning the battle with Soorapadman, was given a permanent place in the abode of Lord Muruga. In most of the Murugan temples, a separate shrine will be there for Veerabahu. Because He was born from the supreme power of Maaparvathi, as a result he is having all the good qualities like wisdom, courage, kindness, and boldness.

Veerabahu is sincerely listening to the problems of the devotees and informing it to Lord Muruga. He removes the diseases of the devotees and gives happiness in their life. Veerabahu will be very much satisfied with those Murugan devotees, who took kavadi and vel piercing in their body. He will take care of those devotees, who sincerely worship Lord Muruga. Based on their good and bad deeds, he will give the result. If a devotee cries for any help and calls his name, he will be present there and give his immense help. Let us worship this great Veerabahu, and let us chant his name and be blessed.

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