Mata Jwalini



Jwalini is the consort of Lord Mangala, the Lord of planet Mars, and the god of Tuesday. He looks red in colour and hence his planet is known as red planet. Lord Mangala contains the features of Lord Muruga, and he is also believed to be an incarnation of Lord Veerabhadra, a noble avatar of Lord Shiva. According to ancient texts, it is believed that he was born from the powers of Lord Shiva.

Mata Jwalini was mentioned in ancient Vedas and Puranas, and she is considered to be an ancient deity. As per legend, she was born from the smile of Mata Parvati. Once when Mata Parvati was interacting with Lord Shiva in a joyful mood, she smiled at him in an affectionate manner. From her smile, a beautiful girl child had appeared, and both of them blessed her, and then Jwalini married to Lord Mangala.

In some of the temples, Mata Jwalini can be found seated with her consort Lord Mangala. Unmarried people and issueless couples are advised to worship Mata Jwalini along with Lord Mangala. Mata Jwalini is a chaste and a noble goddess who would come with us throughout our life. She removes the unwanted thoughts in our mind, and brings good fortunes in our life.

Adorning red coloured flowers would please the divine mother Jwalini, and she contains a shining appearance with a golden coloured body, and a pleasing smile would always appear on her face. She makes the impossible things into possible, and would remove the tears on our face, like our affectionate mother. She is also worshipped in the form of flames, and also known as Jwala Devi in North India.

In Hinduism, we have lot of deities. We may be having the doubt whether to worship which deity? Worshipping some or all of the deities would please the great almighty, since all the deities are formed from a single “SUPER NATURAL POWER”. Worshipping Mata Jwalini, is similar to worshipping the divine mother Ma Parvati, and there is no difference between them. Let us worship Lord Mangala and Mata Jwalini, and let us lead a “JOYFUL LIFE”.