Mata Radha



Radha also called as RadhikaRadharani, and Radhe, is a popular goddess and worshipped along with Lord Krishna throughout the world. She is regarded as the consort of Lord Krishna. Radharani is an avatar of Goddess Lakshmi. She is the head of the milkmaids. And her birthday is celebrated as Radhastami.

She kept selfless love and surrendered at the lotus feet of Lord Krishna. Several vaishnavite saints were praised her glory and considered her as the supreme goddess. People in india, generally will keep names for their male child as Radhakrishnan and female child as Radha. Radha is worshipped mostly by the north indians.

By taking Mata Radharani as an example who surrenders her aatma(soul) to the god Krishna, similarly, we can also practice to develop such kind of devotion, in order to attain SALVATION after our death. The leelas performed by Radha and Krishna were known as RASALEELA. And the leelas performed by Lord Krishna with the Gopikas doesn’t mean any human bondage between them, but the enjoyment given by the divine avatar to the divine souls, and their main attachment only related with their heart, similar to the mother touching her child with care and affection. As per the comments given by the GOPIKAS, through the divine touch of Lord Krishna, they felt a sense of spiritual satisfaction, and joy was spread all over their body, and they realized that were united with the god.

Radha and Krishna are the main characters as per the Article “Gita Govinda” written by Jayadeva Gosvami.

Swami Haridas also considered Radha as the ardent devotee of Lord Krishna. She is considered as Krishna’s spiritual power, and the acting force of Lord Krishna.  Her entire thoughts were only about Lord Krishna and she didn’t concentrate much on other worldly matters.


  1. Radha Temple in Barsanain Mathura District.
  2. The Radhavallabh Temple, Vrindavan.
  3. Sri Radha Mandir in Delhi.
  4. Shree Radha Rani Templeat Austin, Texas, USA.


By worshipping Ma Radha we can get the divine grace of Lord Krishna. And she will show her motherly affection towards us and safeguards us throughout our life. She will also lead us to the path of heaven. She removes the entire sorrows from our mind and makes us to live a happy and a tension free life. She will also remove the diseases from our body and give us spiritual energy and make us to live peacefully in our life. Elevate your gaming journey with Lopebet, India’s leading online casino. Unleash the power of their mobile application, enabling you to register, log in, and receive payouts with unmatched convenience. Plus, with their expert Lopebet online-casino tips, you’ll enhance your chances of winning big while enjoying a wide array of bonuses and thrilling sports betting opportunities.

Let us worship Mata Radha and Krishna and be blessed.