Mata Shakti Devi


Mata Shakti Devi also called as Parvati Devi, is our universal mother, who controls the entire universe through her supreme powers. She only controls the entire activities of the universe, and along with the help of the Trimurties, she is doing the creation, protection and destruction of the earth. Various temples are there for the divine mother all around the world. She is called by many names, and she took the avatars of Kali, Durga, Chamunda etc. In this kali yuga, she acts as our affectionate mother, who removes our sins, and gives her immense blessings on us.

Parvati Devi also known as Amman, and also fondly called by the name “AMMA”, is the Hindu goddess and who contains superior divine strength and power.  She is the gentle Hindu goddess, and is one of the most important deities of Hinduism. She is the mother goddess in Hinduism, and has many popular aspects. Along with Lakshmi and Saraswathi, she forms the trinity of Hindu goddesses (Tridevi). Parvati is the wife of the Hindu god Shiva, the sister of God Vishnu and the mother of Lord Vinayaka and Lord Muruga.

Amman is also worshipped in some places as the  “Grama Devata” and puja will be done to her by non-Brahmin priests, or in the case of large temples such as the Samayapuram Maariamman temple, by Brahmin priests also.  She is usually taken in procession in a decorated chariot.

Mariamman is a Tamil goddess, whose worship was prevalent from ancient period. She is the main tamil mother goddess, and is popular mainly in the rural areas of Tamil Nadu. In north india, she is worshipped as  Shitaladevi  and  in east india, she is worshipped as Manasa Devi. Generally, large number of Amman temples are scattered all over india, and also in some foreign countries. Angala parameswari  Amman is very famous in the villages of tamil nadu, and also is the kula deivam for most of the devotees of tamil nadu. One most popular Angala Parameswari temple is situated at Erode, and this amman is my “KULA DEIVAM” and is very famous for curing the devotees diseases, and giving good results in their life, and also in giving “SALVATION” to her sincere devotees.

In some Amman temples, the worshiping methods are non-vedic, and offerings                                             such as pongal and koozh  are also made during the festive season. Rituals such as fire walking (Thee Midhi Thiruvizha) and mouth or nose piercing are also practised.

Aadi is a special month for Amman and she becomes very powerful at this time of the year, and cures all the diseases, and brings great prospects in the life of her devotees. She is mainly known for healing chicken pox and small pox.

Goddess Parvathi Devi, called by various names such as Sathi, Amman, Durga, Bhavani, Bhairavi,Chamundi,Tiripurasundari,Kamakshi,Kamalakshi,Kameswari, Mahishasuramardhini,Chandiga Devi,Varahi Devi,Aadhi Parasakthi,Mariamman, Bhuvaneswari,Parameswari, Kali Devi, Ambal,Annapurna and by many more names. Whatever by name she is called the result in worshipping Goddess Parvathi Devi will                               be favourable. Based on several traditional stories, in some temples, she was self-manifested. There are several followers of shaktism, in which specifically                               they will worship goddess parvathi alone. They will participate in all the festivals of amman, and visit several temples of the goddess and offer their prayers to her.

Durga also known as Adi Parashakti, is an incarnation of Mata Parvati Devi.  She is the warrior goddess, who destroys the evils and safeguards the innocent ones, and maintains peace and prosperity in the world. Durga Devi shows motherly affection to her devotees, and blesses them and helps them to reach the spiritual world.

Durga Devi’s vehicle is a fierce tiger, and she carries various weapons on her hands and in one hand, she blesses us. She appears in the form of a beautiful lady, and wears ornaments in her neck, and she contains the powers of SaraswatiLakshmi and Parvati and is also a form of Kali Devi, who incarnated towards killing the demons, and safeguards the demi gods in the heaven. Her nine aspects are called as Navadurga.

She is the main deity in the Shaktism and her greatness, kindness and importance was mentioned in Devi Mahatmya, a great puranic text of Parvati Devi. Durga devi is worshipped throughout IndiaBangladesh and Nepal, and she is specially worshipped during the Navratri festival, and Durga puja would be performed in Durga Temples.

By reciting her slokas and going to her temples, and performing puja in the temple as well as in our home will bring better prospects in our life. Durga, is mentioned in ancient epics, in puranas and in Mahabharata.

She killed the demon king Mahishasura, and also had given SALVATION to him. She is such a merciful, kind and affectionate mother!

The day of Durga’s victory over the destroying of the demons is celebrated as Vijayadashami. She is also mentioned in the Buddhist, Jainism and Sikhism texts.

Some staunch devotees will visit amman temples through pada yatra, especially during Aadi month.

Kali also called as Kali Devi is one among the Mahavidyas, and considered as a great goddess in Hinduism. She is worshipped for getting relieved from black magic and prolonged illness and to get great spiritual power, and to obtain more mental and physical strength. Kali was appeared in order to destroy the evil forces. She is the incarnation of Shakti, and worshipped widely in Saivism sect.  She is a great protector and offers moksha to us.

She is also called as Bhadra Kali, and his consort is Lord Veerabhadra, an avatar of Lord Shiva, and created by Lord Shiva, in order to destroy the yagna of Lord Daksha. She is referred in ancient hindu texts and puranas, and was mentioned about her importance. Her glory is mentioned in the sacred text Devi Mahatmyam.  She also destroyed the demons Madhu, Kaitapa, Chanda, Munda, Raktabija and several other demons.

It is also believed that once, some thieves brought the great “JADABHARATA” to sacrifice him to Kali, since the saint Jadabharata was one of the brahma’s foremost sons, a huge spark appeared from his body and burnt the idol of Kali, and she immediately appeared from the idol and killed the thieves and blessed “JADABHARATA”.

She also appears in Mahakali form, and she is worshipped in the temple of Ujjain city. She was also worshipped by the great king “VIKRAMADITYA” who was the ruler of UJJAIN during that time. She also blessed Kalidasa and safeguarded him throughout in his life.  Her appearance is described as black in colour and looks very beautiful and always shows kindness to her sincere devotees and destroys the evil ones. She is considered as the Mother of the entire Universe.

Saint Ramakrishna was an ardent devotee of Mata Kali Devi and worshipped her at Dakshineswar Mata Kali Temple, Kolkata, and he attained SALVATION through her grace. Many saints and devotees were worshipped and blessed and got salvation through her. She showers her grace on us, if we sincerely worship her with pure devotion in our mind. She gives her helping hands to us, in case of troubled situations. She also is worshipped to remove the evil spirits from our place, and to get rid from several doshams occurred due to our planetary positions.

Goddess Parvathi, who grants our wishes and fulfil our dreams, and she is the mother (AMMA) for all of us and for all the living creatures in this world. Let us pray to the divine mother for our well-being, and chant her name sincerely and continuously with full of devotion in our mind.