Meha Ji Manglia



Mehoji(14th century AD) also called as Meha Ji Manglia is the village god of Rajasthan.  His father was the king of Bapini region. Mehoji Mangalia, was born in the year 1332 AD in Bapini village in Jodhpur district at Rajasthan.

Mehoji was married to a pious and a chaste good looking divine lady. Mehoji is praised for his generosity, bravery and kindness. He considered all the women as divine deities, and treated them with much respect. His temple is situated in Bapini Village at Jodhpur. Some people would regularly visit his temple, to seek his blessings. Annual festivals and fairs would be held at Bapini village, and during that time, wonderful songs in praise of Meha Ji would be sung by the village people, and thousands of village people would gather in front of his holy temple. It is believed that he still rides in a white horse during nights, in order to protect the village people from thieves and evil spirits, similar to Lord Ayyanar. Lot of beautiful songs are dedicated to him by the village people. Some of the verses from the songs are as follows:

  1. Oh! Manglia, My sweet Manglia. You are our divine saviour, and without your thoughts we cannot survive in our life.
  2. Oh! Manglia, you are considering all the women as Ma Shakti Devi, and we are considering you as our divine father Lord Shiva.
  3. Oh! My father. Please follow us like our shadow and remove the sufferings in our life.
  4. By singing songs on you, we are getting great happiness and peacefulness.
  5. Oh! My Lord. Please make us to think you forever in our life.
  6. We are able to live our life easily because of your presence only.
  7. By chanting your names, we are getting more strength, courage, wisdom and happiness.